Npower: Effect of Late PPA Enrolment

There is an advanced effect of late PPA Enrolment, which can deteriorate the whole struggle of a prospective beneficiary.

In this post we shall discuss the effect that can spring forth in such a situation. Read also: Locations of Npower Batch C Physical Verification

The late PPA Enrolment is when a beneficiary fails to complete the deployment processes within the scheduled timeframe.

Necessary Things To do Once Deployed

The processes that ought to be completed includes;

  1.  Printing of deployment letter
  2.  Physical verification
  3. Reporting to deployed PPA for acceptance
  4. Uploading of Acceptance letter to beneficiary’s profile dashboard via Nasims portal.

These are the steps to undergo before one can be a confirm beneficiary of the Npower scheme.

Once a deployed beneficiary cannot complete these things, surely there’ll be a negative effect.

Effect of Late PPA Enrolment

The negative effect that could be observed, if a Volunteer(s) fails to complete the deployment processes, are;

  • Incomplete stipends payment: This is because the volunteer(s) didn’t complete the enrolment process in the expected month. So therefore, he/her must have missed the first or consecutive months until the completion of the processes. For instance, if the stipends payment begins in the month of September and you completed the process by October, you are likely to miss September payment.
  • You may be disqualified from the scheme due to failure of completing the deployment process.

The narration in this very post is coined from what the previous batches experienced during their Enrolment exercise.

Although, the Batch C recruitment process is quite different as new innovations were introduced.

But as a Batch C beneficiary, endeavor to take this as a guide and do what is needed on time.

There might me a more negative effect should in case a beneficiary falls victim.

Hence, we have taken our time to come up with this very important information to all Npower Batch C stream 1 beneficiaries.

You can share this information with other applicants of the Batch C recruitment exercise via social media platforms.

This will enable them to be guided and escape falling victim of late PPA Enrolment.

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