Npower News: Exited volunteers to embark on Nationwide protest

On the present most recent Npower News, the Npower recipients delivered another proclamation, expressing that they will be occupying the street of Nigeria on March 8th 2021, to request snappy usage of their Npower NEXIT loan benefits which is yet to be implemented.

Npower protestThis was circulated on different Npower groups, and other news platform all over the cointry.

The volunteers who aren’t happy over the situations on ground, said they won’t capitulate to the normal postponing strategies which have left them excess (redundant), for more than a half year now (6 months to be precise). Loan.

The exited beneficiaries vowed to stay on all streets in the country until the Federal Government satisfied their needs.

The following demands were listed by the angry volunteers;

  1. Affirm those chosen for a task (Npower jobs) with a letter of appointment.

  2. Dispense cash to those chosen for advances (i.e loan scheme).

As indicated by the exited Npower volunteers, Nexit entryway enrollment shouldn’t take as long as three months notwithstanding the Public authority’s stunts to continue to postpone the fates of Nigerian young people. Loan.

“We are resolved to battle for our future, Nigeria is our country, we merit the best in our homeland” , they said.

They went on to call on all volunteers from the Npower program, ranging from Batch A, Batch B, and the proposed batch C to hit the roads on the 8th of March 2021, to commence the proposed plans of fighting for what is rightfully theirs. As they sees it as a cross country fight.

We approach beneficiaries in Abuja, and other close-by states to go along with us in the continuous dissent (protest), that will kick-start in Abuja. Quick loan

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1 thought on “Npower News: Exited volunteers to embark on Nationwide protest”

  1. Ibrahim Musa Kafinsoli

    Please Your Excellency Madam Minister Sadiya Umar Farooq and our lovely president Muhammad Buhari as we are Nigerian youths we need your support in order to survived you should remember that we are the leaders of tomorrow we need to acquire all from you please do something better to us Npower beneficiaries.

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