Aella Credit | Key things to know about the platform

Securing a bank loan in Nigeria is fast becoming an easy-peasy process, as the traditional pattern of visiting banks and following up the application process for days is gradually being phased out. Here we shall review Aella Credit loans.

Aella CreditAella CreditThese days, one can sit at the comfort of his/her home and get a loan of any amount with just a few clicks, thanks to technological advancements.

Though some financial institutions still require physical processes before granting loans, a good number of them have raised their game by offering quick loans digitally, and this has gained much appreciation by many, especially the younger demographic.

Aella Credit, is one of the many quick loan facilities which offer its customers easy and flexible credit options. In addition to this, it provides business investment services for its customers, and are operational in Nigeria and Ghana. Also check out RenMoney Loan, Paylater, Sterling Bank Loan.

How to apply for Aella Credit loan

  1. For Android users, download the Aella Credit app from Google Play Store and Apple Store for iPhone users.

  2. Launch the application and proceed to create an account.

  3. Update your AellaCredit profile.

  4. Check if you are eligible to receive the loan, and how much has been approved for you.

  5. If you have been approved for a loan, Congratulations. Go ahead and apply for the loan

  6. This is rather a friendly reminder. Only take loan amounts which you can comfortably pay back. Have it in mind that you would pay back with interest, and there is a penalty for defaulters.

  7. After these processes are completed successfully, you will receive the loan amount approved for you by Aella Credit into your bank account.

One good thing to note about Aella Credit is that they are swift in decision-making approach, and as such, you can have your loan application approved and the money wired into your account in just five minutes.

How much can one borrow from Aella Credit?

With Aella Credit, you can take a loan for as low as two thousand Naira (2,000 NGN) and as high as one hundred thousand Naira (100,000 NGN), and the amount can be repaid over three months (which is the maximum tenure).

What is Aella Credit’s interest rate?

Aella Credit interest rates stay between 6% to 20%. Interestingly, there is nothing like late payment or rollover fees, and this is an advantage to customers who may be unable to pay up as and when due.

Aella Notes, what you need to know

This is the Business Investment aspect of the Aella Company. Here, they offer a 26% annual Return On Investment (ROI) for investors, which is quite impressive, and you can start investing with as little as ten thousand Naira (10,000 NGN).

You do  to need to visit any physical office to begin an investment with Aella Notes. Simply visit and follow the instructions on the site, and you are good to go.

In conclusion, Aella Credit has made both borrowing and Investing very seamless for individuals and business owners. Detailed information about their services can be accessed by visiting

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