Latest Npower Nexit Update – Tuesday 16th Feb 2021

The Nexit registration which is meant for exited N-power volunteers to gain access to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) empowerment loans, have being opened for about 26 weeks now. The Nexit program is still in the first stage of registration, which to beneficiaries of the Npower scheme such situation is not proper, as they have being patient for too long.

To them, the program should have been in the second stage, to enable the exited Npower volunteers know their fate in regards to the Nexit program.

Some few weeks back, the minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Honorable Sadiya U. F gave hope to the applicants of Nexit program (Exited Npower Batch A & B) that the disbursement of funds for Nexit Loan will commence in no distant time.

After much waiting some of the applicants are now planing to embark on a peaceful protest, that will make FG hasten up the process in implementing the program fully.

Npower volunteers are known for exercising patient right from the onset of the program, because anything about the program needs time and patient before it finally comes into reality.

It is quite known that the Nexit loan program was launched on the 30th of November 2020, of which the registration is ongoing. Not only the Nexit loan applicants are worried, but the prospective Batch C applicants of the Npower scheme are also anxious as they tend to wait patiently till when they will be fully enrolled into the schemes.

Currently, the only progress seen is the absorbtion of N-Creative applicants, of which those that have been called are from the Northern zone. Other zones are still waiting patiently to get into the process, just like the Northern zone.

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3 thoughts on “Latest Npower Nexit Update – Tuesday 16th Feb 2021”

  1. Humanitarian ministry is just being playing games with ppl,I don’t really see anything prospects in all the affairs of the ministry rather want to play politics with the beneficiaries waiting patiently until the time of election. I wonder if the ministry have concionse,cos I can’t imagine what is all the delay about, imagine survivalfund,how fast they are able to put smile on the faces of the mases which number outweighed that of N-power beneficiaries.vThis woman is not capable,and if she is,she most be here with intention of toying with the intelligent of the mases. I pray EFCC and ICPC should check mate her affairs.

  2. We are really disappointed by the government of Nigeria this is not fair at all why can’t govt to provide the employment for the youths which not more then 400.000 but let us see what will happen in 2023 general election we are the youths and back bone of the Nation!!!


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