Npower Payroll: What Does It Mean?

Today, we will take you on a learning curve by explaining to you what the new Npower Payroll on the NASIMS dashboard entails.

Some Npower batch C beneficiaries who are fully enrolled as beneficiaries and have seen “PASS” on their Nasims profile dashboard have been curious about what the payroll inscription on their dashboard signifies, thus we decided to write this post to tell you.

What does Npower Payroll on Your Dashboard mean?

Npower payroll is a list of Npower beneficiaries as well as a record of the stipends that will be given to them. Beneficiaries and applicants will both see payroll inscriptions on their dashboards, but only Beneficiaries will be paid.

If your profile status as an Npower beneficiary is passed, you are a confirmed Npower beneficiary who is eligible for payment. However, if your profile is still marked as pending, you may have a problem with your physical verification, which could result in your stipends being withheld.

The inscription used to be enrolled and payment history for Npower batch A and B, but it has recently been modified to passed and payroll for batch C.

The paycheck on your profile indicates that Npower management is currently updating your dashboard for payment, as they stated in their most recent payment update.

Source: Nyscinfo

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