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Npower — Work Experience And Stipends Which is Key

A question beneficiaries and prospective beneficiaries of Npower needs to ask is Work Experience And Stipends Which is The Key?

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This question is a powerful one that ought to be considered, hence we brought it in here.

You will agree with us that majority of graduates are being denied job placement due to lack of Job experience.

This is because they weren’t opportune to work earlier even if they would want to, the qualification as then wasn’t available.

Well, the Npower scheme brought the opportunity for fresh graduate to get that long term work experience.

Hence, bridging the gap between the fresh graduates and the employer who demanded for experiences.

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Truth be told, lack of work experience has made many fresh graduate not to find themselves in the labour market.

The major aim of Npower is to equip Nigerian youths with Job experience, certification, and skills needed to excel.

These will prepare them for a modern and globalized economy as they moved on in life.

Having an opportunity to secure job experience isn’t easy to come by. Hence it is the key needed to secure jobs by fresh graduates.

Being an Npower volunteer will be an added advantage in terms of securing working experience.

This can be added to your curriculum vitae (CV), which will boost it and place you above others during employment.

Stipends in the other hand is a motivational entitlement given to volunteers of the Npower scheme on monthly basis.

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Prospect of the Npower scheme should endeavor to make move in becoming volunteers so as to secure that experience.

Both current and prospective beneficiaries should look into the experience aspect as the primary aim rather than the stipends.

The stipends surely will assist to an extent but once the experience is more cherished one won’t bother when there is delay in payment of stipend.

As an individual and follower of our updates, you can give your own take regarding the course of discussion as to “Work Experience And Stipends which is the key”.

Source: Nyscinfo

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