How To Renew Driver’s License Without Capture

Are you having the intention of renewing your Driver’s License but doesn’t have time to go for physical capture? If ‘yes’ then this post will explain how to renew driver’s license without going for capture.

How To Check If Your Drivers License Is Ready

On the official Facebook page of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) it was made known that one can easily renew his/her license without going for physical capture.

Although it sound weird but it’s true as the update is coming directly from the FRSC. Read also: FRSC Recruitment Screening is Over – MGT

The method in achieving this quest is known as “Capture Bypass” according to the commission.This simply means that the individual applying for renewal is satisfied with the previous details captured and wouldn’t want to make changes.

All that is required from the applicant is to pick the permanent card from the centre when readily available.

However, those who didn’t want bypass capture will visit the Driver’s license office close to them.

Such an applicants biometrics will be captured all over again even though it’s a renewal.

How To Renew Driver’s License Without Going For Capture

  1. The steps to follow in achieving this are;
  2. Click on Driver’s license (DL) application.
  3.  Enter renewal of Driver’s license.
  4. Input your Driver’s license number as well as date of birth to unveil your information.
  5.  Make payment via the payment options provided, after completion of the application process.
  6. Print out the acknowledgment slip which is the temporary Driver’s license awaiting when the permanent one will be out.
  7. Once the permanent is available you will be alerted to go pick it up.

If as an applicant you wish to go for the physical capture, you will then visit their centre with the payment receipt.

This will enable them attend to you, and provide you with a temporary Driver’s license after capturing.

Note: The approved fees for Driver’s license is ten thousand three hundred and fifty naira (N10,350) for 3 years.

That of 5 years is fifteen thousand four hundred and fifty naira (N15,450).
The choice to go for the physical biometric capture or not is in the hands of the applicant.

No one is compared to do so by the commission.

Source: Nyscinfo


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