NPower website not hacked, your BVN is safe

This is to inform the general public that the Npower website; the official registration portal has not been hacked. And it is not POSSIBLE for anyone to log into your account, withdraw or transfer your money, using just your BVN.

NPower website not hacked

There is a speculation that NPower website has been compromised, and registrants’ BVN stolen by hackers.

Right from the time BVN came into existence, we’ve been hearing anyone with your BVN number can cart away your money and I’ve tried educating people and it’s actually frustrating. See how to apply for Npower programme.

To reconfirm my position, I just got off the phone from a very dear friend who is a banker.

The worse that could happen when people have access to your BVN is to know your details (name, DOB, phone number, etc), listen, they can not transfer your money with it.

The best they could do is to call you and ask you for your ATM details and if you fall for that, that’s when your money would be gone.

That scam is no longer a new tale. We should all know by now that no staff of your bank would call asking for debit card details.

BVN number is just for identification and a source for your information in the national database. Developed Nations have such database as well.

Forget about the broadcasts causing panic about BVN. If you are still not convinced, go to your bank and reconfirm.

By Emmanuel A. Bakare.

Updated: July 1, 2020 — 21:53