Numbers To Call If Harassed By Officers Of Nigerian Police Force

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has released phone numbers to be called if you are being harassed or extorted by their Officers on roads and other various checkpoints. The NPF advised Nigerians to seek help whenever they are being harassed by its officers anywhere in Nigeria.

These numbers were made public by Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the acting PRO of the Nigerian Police Force.

He said;

“They have been told, but mind you, you’re expected to meet deviants on the road, who are opportunists, hence the advice to seek help.”

Recall that many Nigerians have been lamenting the ugly behaviors of the officers of the Nigerian Police Force on the road. The terrible attitude of Officers resulted to the “End SARS” protest in 2020, which led to the killing of many protesters particularly in Lagos. But now, it seems the solution has finally arrived.

Numbers to call if harassed by officers of Nigerian Police Force

Below are the numbers to call:

Compliant Response Unit (CRU)

Monitoring Unite

Public Compliant Bureau (PCB)

Social Media Init

Numbers To Call If Harassed By Officers Of Nigerian Police Force

However, some Nigerians have reacted against the idea, some reactions are as follow:

Femi Sanni

“It’s all rubbish inasmuch as it’s coming from the Nigeria police force, the most useless organization in Nigeria. The IG of police is only putting that up to show activities, so people could think that police are working under his regime. I dare anyone to call those numbers in the next few months and you’ll hear the jargon originating from all those numbers”.

Nwa Jesus

“Nonsense, who will pick the call? Who will come to your rescue? Una never come way thief they worry for me street nah way police k**l or extort from people una wan come…..The only solution is to scrape out police totally, let’s manage local village vigilanty”

Chris Gnarly

“Story…… who will you call…. abi no be same police in the office. Those on the road bring returns to them in the office ooo…”

Ezeh Stanley Chidiebere

“The one that we will report and you will only transfer them to another location to continue with their crimes. We want to see the bad ones prosecuted and jailed, we also want to visit them in prison to make sure they are really there.”

Gbadebo Awoyale Awo G

“Does one need to be harassed before one could report the illict of men in police uniform or unofficial police uniform. Seeing police officers using civilians to extort commercial bus or tricycle operators in front of police station.

Nobody is monitoring the activities of these men in black uniform, come down ketu ojota abiola garden axis in Lagos. They are always harassing young Nigerian, guys saying they are looking for yahoo boys.
Here, first timer in Lagos always be their victims.”

Source: Nyscînfo

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