Ebonyi State University (EBSU) Cut Off Mark (General & Departmental)

Intending Students of Ebonyi State University (EBSU) should kindly read through this article to be aware of its current released JAMB and Departmental cut off mark for all undergraduate students who may or have applied for admission into Ebony State University.

Fact about Ebony State University (EBSU)

Ebony State University Abakaliki was founded in 1999 in Abakaliki, Nigeria. While the university medical faculty was established in 1991 as ESUT’s faculty of health science,
most of their facauties were established in response to the Guinea worm pandemic and had a hospital built for that purpose, which was remodelled to Ebonyi State University’s primary teaching hospital and had gained accredation by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) for the training of medical students and resident doctors. As a result of this, it became part of the university that had received funding from the Ebonyi State government.

Meanwhile, the university cutoff mark is an agreed score set by the school’s academic management board aside from the general Jamb board cutoff in order to determine their prospectives university student’s qualification in their selected field of study. For example, Jamb fixed 160 as the general accepted cut off mark for universities, and universities based on it’s standards fixed above or maintained the normal Jamb agreed cut off mark.

What is Ebony state University (EBSU) minimum cut off mark?

The minimum cut-off mark for Ebonyi State University is 170. However, you are advised to score higher than 170 in order to meet the departmental cut-off mark, which is determined by your course of study. As a result, an Ebonyi State University (EBSU) intending candidate who has previously registered for the Post UTME should have a minimum score of 170 and above, and Jamb students who have enrolled for the Jamb exam with the intention of obtaining admission into Ebonyi State University (EBSU) should also do better to get 170 and above now that you know the cut off mark.

What is the Ebonyi state University (EBSU) departmental cut off mark

Ebonyi state University Facaulty/Departmental cut off marks is as follows:

Facaulty of Medicine (FMS)

  • Medicine and surgery – 250 and above
  • Anotomy – 180 and above
  • Physiology – 180 and above

Facaulty of Science and Technology

  • Nursing science – 230 and above
  •  Medical laboratory science-210 and above

Facaulty of Law

  • Civil Law – 230 and above

Facaulty of Science

  • Biochemistry – 180 and above
  • Applied microbiology – 180 and above
  • Applied biology – 180 and above
  • Biotechnology – 180 and above
  • Computer science – 180 and above
  • Geology/exploration/Geophysics – 180 and above
  • Industrial physics – 170 and above
  • Industrial chemistry – 170 and above
  •  Industrial mathematics/ statistics – 170 and above

Facaulty of Education


  • Economic Education – 170
  • Socail studies Education – 170 and above
  • Religion Education – 170 and above
  • English Education – 170 and above
  • Igbo Education – 170 and above

Business Education option

  • Accountancy Education – 170 and above
  • Secretarials Education – 170 and above
  • Science Education option:
  • Computer science Education – 170 and above
  • Physic education – 170 and above
  • Chemistry education – 170 and above
  •  Biology Education – 170 and above
  • Mathematics Education – 170 and above
  •  Integrated science education – 170 and above
  • Human Kinetic and health Education option:
  • Human Kinetic education – 170 and above
  • Health Education – 170 and above
  • Education Foundation option:
  • Administration and planning – 170 and above
  • Guidance and counse and aboveing – 170and above
  • Technology and vocational Education option:
  • Electric/ Electronic technology education – 170 and above
  • Mechanical Technology Education – 170 and above
  • Building Technology Education – 170 and above
  • Wood work technology Education – 170 and above
  • Agricultural Education – 170 and above

*Facaulty of Agriculture and Natural resources management

  • Economic, management, Extention -180 and above
  • Food science and technology-180 and above
  • Crop and landscape Management -170 and above
  • Soil and Environmental Management -170 and above
  • Animal science -170 and above
  • Fishery and Acquaculture – 170 and above
  • Publicadministration-180 and above
  • Marketing – 170 and above
  • Business management – 180 and above
  • Accountancy – 180 and above
  • Banking and Finance – 180 and above
  • Economic -180 and above
  • Political science -180 and above
  •  Mass communication -180 and above
  • Phycology – 170 and above
  • Sociology and Anthropology – 170 and above
  • English language and literature -170 and above
  • History and International relation-170 and above
  • Phylosophy – 170 and above
  • Religion – 170 and above
  • Language and linguistics -170 and above
  • French – 170 and above
  • Igbo Linguistics – 170 and above

What are the requirements for obtaining admission into Ebonyi State University (EBSU)?

The following are the necessary requirements for obtaining admission into Ebony State University:

  1. Only those who score a minimum of 170 and above in their Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination and have made Ebonyi State University their first choice, as well as those who meet the cut-off mark for their chosen course of study, will be allowed to participate in the post-UTME screening exercise.

  2. Candidates must have a minimum of 5 credits, which include mathematics and English, and any Three related subjects to their course of study in WAEC/SSCE or any equivalent result; prospective students with an awaiting result won’t be offered admission into Ebonyi State University.

  3. A copy of the original Jamb slip.

  4. Your secondary school Testimonial, an original copy of your birth certificate, and your state of origin.

Finally, if you truly want to attend Ebonyi State University (EBSU), make it your first choice during the Jamb application and try to score higher than 170 to meet the cut-off mark for your chosen course.

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