List Of Schools Banned By WAEC Over Exam Malpractice

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has banned Thirty Five (35) Secondary Schools in Rivers State from participating in its West African Senior Secondary Certificate Exam (WASSCE). In this piece, we shall look at the list of 35 schools banned by WAEC over terrible exam malpractice.

Nyscî gathered that the blacklisted secondary schools have been de-recognised, and will no longer present candidates for the West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The main reason the schools were blacklisted is over their involvement in various examination malpractices. According to WAEC, the 35 schools in Rivers State were de-recognised over involvement in exam malpractice.

The letter of ban that was sent to the affected schools was signed by the Deputy Registrar/Zonal Coordinator for Head of National office of WAEC, S.D. Kum.

Kum, explained that all the schools affected by the ban will not register candidates for WASSCE until further notice.

Nyscînfo gathered that some secondary schools in Rivers State have acquired popularity in exam malpractices and are being called “Miracle Centres”, where all sorts of exam malpractices are allowed.

The “miracle centres” are patronised by desperate candidates and their parents who want excellent results.

List of Schools Banned by WAEC Over Exam Malpractice

Below is the list of the 35 banned schools in Rivers State by WAEC:

  • EL-Olam global academy
  • Ogbogoro Rehoboth Int’l Secondary School
  • Christ Secondary School, Nonwa
  • Midland Int’l Christian Sec. Sch, Port Harcourt
  • Rootway Compre. College, Port Harcourt
  • Charry Compre. Sec. Sch, Port Harcourt
  • Millennium High School Port Harcourt
  • Sonny Memorial College, Diobu
  • Sit-up International School, Oyigho
  • Rich-Model Secondary School, Oyigbo
  • Excel Comprehensive College, Okrika
  • Victory High School, Port Harcourt
  • Atlantic Heralds High School Port Harcourt
  • Nigerian Christian Comp, College, Asarunia
  • John Wesley College, Bori
  • Nobsams International School, Igbo Etche
  • Unique International Secondary School, Etche
  • Ranjenny’s High School, Ogale Nchia Eleme
  • Baptist Vocational College,
  • Community Secondary School, Ido
  • Community Secondary School, Baranyowa Dere
  • Community Secondary School, KONO Boue
  • Community Secondary School, Kpean
  • Comprehensive High Shool, Sii Khanna
  • Kono Secondary School, Kono
  • Community Secondary School, Baen
  • Comm. Secondary School. Ngo-Uyeada
  • Community Secondary School, Abam-ama
  • Community Secondary School, Ban-Ogoi
  • Tua-Tua Community Secondary School, Korokoro Joinkrama Girls’ Secondary School, Joinkrama
  • Western Ahoada County High School, Ahoada
  • Community Secondary School, Ebubu Eleme

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List Of Schools Banned By WAEC Over Exam Malpractice

List Of Schools Banned By WAEC Over Exam Malpractice

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