How to Apply for NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Program

NVIDIA has encouraged PhD students to submit their research projects for selection for the twenty-first year. Academic achievements, professor nominations, and research areas are used to pick recipients. This program has shown to be an excellent means of assisting academics in its quest of cutting-edge innovation, as well as an excellent opportunity to showcase NVIDIA to our industry’s future leaders. This post will reveal to you how to apply for NVIDIA graduate fellowship program 2022.

NVIDIA especially encourages students to submit work that pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars, and other relevant subjects. Each year, we identify students with the potential, aptitude, and drive to collaborate closely with us early in their careers. The recipients are not only given vital information, but they are also given a gift, but are able to do innovative work thanks to NVIDIA’s products, technology, and some of the industry’s brightest brains. The Fellowship also involves a summer internship prior to the Fellowship year.


NVIDIA is a corporation founded on brilliant brains and pioneering science. AI, self-driving cars, high-performance computing, graphics, virtual reality, and augmented reality are among the areas of concentration for more than 200 scientists throughout the world. Read how to apply for Standard Chartered Bank Internship 2021.

Goal and Profits of NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Program

The NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Program awards PhD students up to $50,000 each award to explore ideas that will lead to substantial breakthroughs.

Qualifications for the NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Program

  1. Students must have completed the first year of their PhD program (at the time of application)
  2. Students must major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, System Architecture, Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field.
  3. As part of their studies, students must conduct active research.
  4. Students must be registered as a full-time active PhD student for the entire academic year (2022-2023), which means they should not anticipate to finish before May/June 2023.
  5. Prior to the commencement of their Fellowship year, students must be available to complete a summer internship (which, owing to COVID-19, may be done remotely).
  6. Students must not be related to a current NIVDIA staff

Required Documents

  1. Up to 2 pages of research summary/thesis proposal, plus bibliography
  2. Contact information is included in the resume/curriculum vitae (CV).
  3. Nomination letter from a professor (1 letter minimum (thesis advisor), up to 3 letters maximum — nomination letters from non-professors are acceptable as long as you have one from your thesis advisor/professor)

How to Make an Application

Are you both interested and qualified? To apply, go to NVIDIA’s Visit the NVIDIA website for additional information. Application deadline is 10th September 2021.

Source: Nyscinfo

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