NYIF Loan News: Latest Directives By NPF Microfinance Bank

The bank has issued new guidelines to the beneficiaries in relation to the disbursement of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Loan by the NPF Microfinance Bank to the recently approved beneficiaries.

NPF Microfinance Bank has requested that the beneficiaries follow the instructions in a new e-mail issued to the beneficiaries to complete an online form, download, and sign the Offer Letter, which will be followed by the payout of the NYIF Loan after the process is completed.

For the avoidance of doubt and to prevent fraud, the following is an example of genuine correspondence delivered to beneficiaries, which should be responded to immediately to avoid disqualification from the NYIF Loan Program:

  1. Check your e-mail inboxes, including your Spam inbox, as often as possible if you are a current NYIF Loan Program beneficiary.
  2. Please note that the current e-mail is being sent to applicants who have accepted their loan offers from the NPF Microfinance Bank and whose NYIF loans have been approved by the NPF Microfinance Bank.
  3. Remember that NPF Microfinance recently approved NYIF Loan amounts ranging from N250,000 to N1 million for each of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund’s trained candidates and requested that they accept the offer via a mail sent to them.

In a recent development, the NPF Microfinance Bank contacted beneficiaries whose NYIF Loans were approved but not accepted, asking if they still wanted to accept or reject the loan offer via an online form.

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