NYSC Allowance For All States In Nigeria (2021)

Aside the Federal Government allowance which stands at N33,000, Corps members also receive ‘State allowance’ from the State government where they are serving. Here we will show you the NYSC allowance for all States in Nigeria (Corps Members’ allowance in all states).

The amount state governments pay Corps members is a crucial factor that determine prospective corps members’ choices of states during NYSC registration, since no one would like to serve in a place where they will receive little or no state allowance.

It is painful for your colleagues in other states being paid for the same work you do in another state without pay. You can also check 10 best states to serve in Nigeria as a Corper.

How much does NYSC pay Corps members in Nigeria?

The Federal Govt of Nigeria through NYSC pays N33,000 to every Corps Member regardless to where they are serving. Aside that, there may be other compensations which has nothing to do with NYSC. Such compensations include, State allowance, PPA allowance, and so on.

Does it matter for State Govt to pay Corps members?

Yes, it does matter, the N33,000 FG pays to Corps members is not enough to sustain them throughout the month. Many Corps members usually go ‘stranded’ in the middle of the month without food and money. Therefore, paying them state allowance will be a kind of support, and it would go a long way to encourage them.

How much is the NYSC State allowance?

There is no fixed amount for this. Some states pay, while some do not pay, and some pay higher than others. Also states that pay may stop paying and states that don’t pay may start paying, especially when there is change in the government.

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NYSC allowance for all States in Nigeria

Below is the list of states in Nigeria and how much they pay Corps members;

  1. Anambra pays N8,000 to those in town and N8,500 to those in Rural areas.

  2. Jigawa pays N5,000: (15,000 for the first 3 months, and then 10,000 every 2 months).

  3. Niger pays N0.00

  4. Imo pays N0.00

  5. Ebonyi pays N9,750: But they STOPPED paying since May 2019.

  6. Nasarawa pays N5,000

  7. Akwa Ibom pays N5,000

  8. Edo pays N0.00

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  9. Oyo pays N0.00

  10. Kano pays N0.00

  11. Rivers pays N15,000: Currently the highest paying State.

  12. Bayelsa pays N6,000 to those serving within the State Capital, N8,000 to those outside the capital, and N10,000 to those serving across the water.

  13. Abia pays N0.00

  14. Benue pays N0.00

  15. Plateau pays N0.00

  16. Enugu pays N983.45 to those serving within the towns and N3,984 to those serving in Rural areas.

  17. Sokoto pays N45,000 at the end of service year (accumulation of all months)

  18. Ekiti pays N0.00

  19. Osun pays N5,000

  20. Taraba pays N6,000

  21. Ondo pays N0.00

  22. Ogun pays N0.00

  23. Borno pays N10,000 (But the fear of Boko Haram may not allow you enjoy it)

  24. Delta pays N5,000

  25. Gombe pays N0.00

  26. Lagos pays N15,000 to those serving under Education, and N10,000 to those serving under agencies/ministries.

  27. Kaduna pays N0.00

  28. Zamfara pays N5,000

  29. Cross-River pays N0.00

  30. Kwara pays N0.00

  31. FCT Abuja pays N0.00

  32. Kogi pays N0.00

  33. Katsina pays N0.00

  34. Yobe pays N0.00

  35. Kebbi pays N2,000

  36. Adamawa pays N5,000

  37. Bauchi pays N0.00

** In addition, the Federal Govt pays N33,000 to all Corpers irrespective of where they serve. If you notice any mistake in the information above, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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