Top 10 Best States for NYSC in Nigeria (this Year)

Some states in Nigeria are considered favorable or advantageous for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members during their one-year mandatory national service. The criteria for determining the best states can vary based on individual preferences, experiences, and priorities. Before we show you list of best states for NYSC, here are some factors that are commonly considered when labeling certain states as the best for NYSC:

1. Allowance: States that offer higher allowances to Corps members are often regarded favorably. The financial support provided can significantly impact the overall experience.

2. Job Opportunities: States with ample job opportunities and career prospects are considered attractive for NYSC members seeking employment or internships during their service year.

3. Security: A safe and secure environment is required for the well-being of Corps members. States with lower crime rates and a stable security situation are generally preferred.

4. Infrastructure: Access to good infrastructure, including roads, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, contributes to a more comfortable living experience.

5. Standard of Living: States with a reasonable cost of living and basic amenities are often preferred, as they allow Corps members to manage their stipend effectively.

6. Educational Institutions: Proximity to reputable educational institutions may be important for Corps members pursuing further studies or seeking opportunities in the academic sector.

7. Cultural and Recreational Opportunities: States with rich cultural heritage, tourist attractions, and recreational activities can provide a more engaging and fulfilling experience for NYSC members.

8. Networking Opportunities: States that offer opportunities for networking and professional development are considered beneficial for career growth. You may like to read NYSC Allowance for All States in Nigeria.

Best State for NYSC

Here are the top best state for NYSC in Nigeria:

1. Lagos State

Lagos State is undoubtedly the best state to do your NYSC in Nigeria. It happens to be the former capital of Nigeria and offers numerous opportunities for Corps members. The standard of living in Lagos state is normal, and there is no security threat. The Lagos state government pays between N10,000 and N15,000 as a state allowance to serving Corps Members in Lagos.

2. Abuja FCT

Abuja is currently the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, ranking second on the list of best states for NYSC. Despite the high cost of living, Abuja provides job opportunities for Nigerian graduates. While Abuja does not pay a state allowance, most private companies in Abuja offer high amounts to corps members.

3. Kano State

Kano state is noteworthy on this list. Despite concerns about serving in the North due to security issues, Kano is an exception. It is considered a good state to live in, with affordable living expenses. Kano state pays N4,000 as a state allowance to Corps members serving in the state.

4. Ogun State

Ogun State is an attractive option for NYSC members, with proximity to Lagos and numerous opportunities. Despite not providing a state allowance, Ogun offers job prospects, cultural richness, and a comfortable living experience.

5. Plateau State

Plateau state is also among the best places to do your NYSC. It offers a good standard of living, and Corps members can save most of their allowance. The Corps members’ state allowance in Plateau State stands at N0.00.

6. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State is a desirable location for NYSC. It pays state allowances to Corps members posted in the state. The state allowance in Akwa Ibom was N20,000, but it is currently N5000.

7. Enugu State

Enugu State is peaceful, and the people are kind to strangers. Enugu pays N1000 to Corps members posted to towns and N3500 to those posted to villages. There are also numerous job opportunities for graduates in the states.

8. Rivers State

Rivers State is an excellent choice for NYSC members, offering competitive state allowances, ample job opportunities in the thriving oil and gas sector, decent infrastructure, and a relatively secure environment. The state’s cultural diversity, tourist attractions, and networking opportunities make it a rewarding destination for a fulfilling service year.

9. Cross River State

Cross River State is also a choice for NYSC members, offering cultural richness, a peaceful environment, reasonable cost of living, and attractive tourist attractions like the Obudu Cattle Ranch. The state provides opportunities for networking and professional development, making it a destination for a fulfilling service year.

10. Osun State

Osun State is an appealing destination for NYSC members, known for its peaceful environment, good electricity supply, and opportunities to turn career dreams into reality. With a state allowance of N5,000, Osun offers a positive and conducive atmosphere for a rewarding service year.

Final Thoughts

Each state in Nigeria presents unique opportunities and challenges for Corps members. While factors such as state allowances, job opportunities, cultural richness, and security contribute to the overall experience, individual preferences and priorities also play a vital role in determining the best.

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  1. Pls I heard two seating on my waec and they made mistake on my age one is 1993 and the other is 1994 but when I got admission I was ask to get affidavice and I sit that hope I will not be penalised on that.

  2. Good morning. Pls am in a dilemma. Don’t know if I will be qualified for service. I noticed my waec date of birth was erroneously written 99/99/9999 of which I did an affidavit to it. My jamb daye of birth near 1987 mistake alos. My original date of birth 1998. Pls how do I go about the conflicting data pls.

  3. Have a different date of birth with that of the school own, is there any possibility of getting disqualified while registering. And another question that looks almost the same, is that will it be possible to use a different name with prefix in the institution while the bvn is not having prefix?

      • Include Bayelsa in your next publication. Bayelsa state government pays as follows;

        Medical doctors 1million
        Lawyers 1million

        Nurse 450k

        Med lab 250k


        State capital 5k×12
        Villages without water 8k×12
        Across river 10×12

        Paid a week to the POP.

        08090665865 call me for more detail… Ex Bayelsa corps member

  4. Please I wounld want to know the consequences of using two different age when during registration in camp (say age in Waec exceed 30 but below in jamb regularisation). Thanks

  5. Pls can someone choose a state twice.
    Like for instance in jamb u can choose a school as first and second choice.

    Secondly if u school in rivers for instance, will u still have the opportunity to serve there or they must post u outside the State?

  6. Pls which month batch A is leaving for service? Pls and how will I know that my name is out for nysc.

  7. I did my regularization and got the latter from jamb on 31 may and yet to submit it to school ……
    Hope there is no cause for alarm
    Since am yet to submit it to school

  8. Please, my DATE OF BIRTH on my JAMB is different from that in my SCHOOL.

    I didn’t age declaration but my school didn’t honor it, they used date on my wace certificate, but date on my jamb is my declaration age. And now my name is mobilized in my school, and I don’t know which date of birth they are using. Please what should I do?


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