Best NYSC Paying States In Nigeria (Current)

When it comes to National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) State allowance, there are always the best States. In this article, we shall look at the top 10 best NYSC paying states in Nigeria and how much they pay serving Corps members in the states.

Kindly note that every State in Nigeria is wonderful, unique and best in its own way, what we are actually looking at are the best states in Nigeria in terms of NYSC monthly stipend also known as ‘allowee’ amongst Corps members. This topic is necessary because every year graduates search for the best states for NYSC. Therefore, this post is timely as it will help them determine which States are best for them in terms of Corps members’ allowance.

In our previous post, we discussed about NYSC state allowance for all states in Nigeria. Please, try to read it if you have not read it before. Also, you can check out the NYSC allowance for medical doctors and other corpers in health related field.

Kindly be informed that during the NYSC online registration, Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) would be required to select four (4) states of their choice. Therefore, knowing the best States among the 36 States and FCT will help you in making your choice. Now, let’s go straight to the point.

Best NYSC paying States in Nigeria

Below are the best 10 paying states in Nigeria for National Youth Service Corps;

1. Lagos State

It is inarguable that Lagos State is the best State to do your NYSC in Nigeria, and it happens to be the former capital of Nigeria. The State has a lot of opportunities that Corpers can tap from. The standard of living in Lagos state is normal and there is no security threat in the State for strangers. Lagos is a land of opportunities, in the sense that there are lots of opportunities for young graduates. And there are many recruiting companies to submit your CV.

The Lagos state government pays between N10,000 and N15,000 as state allowance to serving Corps Members in Lagos.

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2. Abuja FCT

The second on the list of best states for NYSC in Nigeria. Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Although, the cost of living in Abuja is high but it is still a place you will enjoy. There are also many job opportunities in Abuja for Nigerian graduates. And every nook and cranny is developed with no security threat.

Abuja does not pay state allowance but most of the private companies in Abuja pay very high amount to corps members.

3. Kano State

This state worthy to be mentioned on this list. Although, many Corps Members dislike serving in North because of fragile security in the region. But Kano is exception. Kano state is very good, it is a state you will enjoy living in if you find yourself there. Things are very cheap in Kano, making it an ideal state for all Corpers as they can save most of their allowance.

Most people that have served in Kano state claim the state is even better than Abuja and Akwa Ibom.

State Allowance: Kano state pay N4,000 as state allowance to Corps members serving in the state.

4. Ogun State

If you miss Lagos, don’t miss Ogun. The State shares borders with Lagos state, and it is among the best states to do your NYSC in Nigeria. If you ask people who served in Ogun, they will tell you how good the States is. In fact from Ogun to Lagos is about N250 for transportation. Just like Lagos and Abuja, Ogun also has many opportunities for young graduates.

State Allowance: Ogun state pays N0.00 to Corps members serving in the State.

5. Plateau State

This is also among the best place to do your NYSC. You will live large and still have your savings. The standard of living in Plateau state is normal. You can also get things very cheap in Plateau. If you are lucky enough to serve in the capital ‘Jos’, you might forget you home state forever because of too many goodies.

State allowance: The Corps members’s state allowance in plateau State stood at N0.00.

6. Akwa Ibom State

This is one State in Nigeria that many people desire to do their NYSC. If you serve in Akwa you will definitely fall in love with the place. Akwa Ibom State pays state allowances to Corps members posted in the state.

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State allowance: There was a time, the state allowance in Akwa-Ibom was N20,000. But now it is N5000, who knows if it will increase again.

7. Enugu State

This State cannot be left out from the list. The name Enugu is derived from an Igbo word ‘Enu-Ugwu’ meaning mountain top. This is because the state is on the top of a hill. Enugu is a peacefully state, and the people in the state are very kind to strangers. If you are lucky to serve in Enugu capital or town, I bet you would never want to go back to your home state again. Enugu is the home of our NYSC info admin, Humphrey. You can connect with him if you find yourself in that State.

State allowance: Currently, Enugu pays N1000 to Corps members posted to towns, and N3500 to those posted to villages.

8. Rivers State

This is among the best state in Nigeria for NYSC. People that served in Rivers can testify that Rivers State worth to be mentioned on this list. If you serve in the State Capital, Port Harcourt, you might end up serving in a big oil company.

State allowance: River state pays N15,000 to Corps member posted in the state.

9. Cross River State

Calabar is the capital city of Cross River. Just like Rivers, Cross River is also an oil rich state with so many opportunities. You won’t regret serving in Cross River state.

State allowance: The NYSC State allowance in Cross River state is N0.00.

10. Osun State

The list will not be complete if we do not mention Osun State. Osun is one of the best states for NYSC. The state is good, peaceful, good electricity, and can turn your dream to reality.

State allowance: The Corps members’ State allowance in Osun is N5,000.

11.  Anambra State

This State is another state you would like to serve. Corpers serving in Anambra state are among the highest paid in Nigeria.

State allowance: Anambra state Government pays Corpers up to N8,500, as state allowance. This makes Anambra one of the states in Nigeria that pay highest state allowee to Corpers.

Note: Our ranking of the best best NYSC paying states in Nigeria is based on the following factors.

  • Infrastructure
  • State Allowances
  • Job Opportunities
  • Exposure
  • Activities
  • Security
  • Corpers’ Testimonies

Note: Every state is good. We only listed the best. So, no matter where you are posted to, you can still make the best out of the state.

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  1. Pls I heard two seating on my waec and they made mistake on my age one is 1993 and the other is 1994 but when I got admission I was ask to get affidavice and I sit that hope I will not be penalised on that.

  2. Good morning. Pls am in a dilemma. Don’t know if I will be qualified for service. I noticed my waec date of birth was erroneously written 99/99/9999 of which I did an affidavit to it. My jamb daye of birth near 1987 mistake alos. My original date of birth 1998. Pls how do I go about the conflicting data pls.

  3. Do to school delay and the covid19 pandemic affected my date of birth now how do I do

  4. Have a different date of birth with that of the school own, is there any possibility of getting disqualified while registering. And another question that looks almost the same, is that will it be possible to use a different name with prefix in the institution while the bvn is not having prefix?

      • Include Bayelsa in your next publication. Bayelsa state government pays as follows;

        Medical doctors 1million
        Lawyers 1million

        Nurse 450k

        Med lab 250k


        State capital 5k×12
        Villages without water 8k×12
        Across river 10×12

        Paid a week to the POP.

        08090665865 call me for more detail… Ex Bayelsa corps member

  5. Please I wounld want to know the consequences of using two different age when during registration in camp (say age in Waec exceed 30 but below in jamb regularisation). Thanks

  6. Pls can someone choose a state twice.
    Like for instance in jamb u can choose a school as first and second choice.

    Secondly if u school in rivers for instance, will u still have the opportunity to serve there or they must post u outside the State?

  7. Pls which month batch A is leaving for service? Pls and how will I know that my name is out for nysc.

  8. I did my regularization and got the latter from jamb on 31 may and yet to submit it to school ……
    Hope there is no cause for alarm
    Since am yet to submit it to school

  9. Please, my DATE OF BIRTH on my JAMB is different from that in my SCHOOL.

    I didn’t age declaration but my school didn’t honor it, they used date on my wace certificate, but date on my jamb is my declaration age. And now my name is mobilized in my school, and I don’t know which date of birth they are using. Please what should I do?

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