NYSC anthem lyrics, audio, mp3 – Free download

– NYSC anthem lyrics, audio, mp3 – Free download

In this post, I’ll show you the lyrics, video and audio of National Youth Service Corps anthem, so you can download and practice it. You can also learn it from this page without downloading it.

The NYSC anthem is an uplifting song which identifies the scheme.

So, it highs the morals of Corps members and remind them of their national duties each time they recite the anthem.

Sadly, a lot of Prospective Corps Members do not know how to recite the anthem, probably they have not heard about the anthem.

The best time to learn NYSC anthem is when you are preparing for your national service because there may not be a time for learning it in camp, so make it a part of your preparations.

Corps Members who can’t recite the NYSC anthem, I wonder how you coup with the embarrassment from soldiers and other camp officials?

To make everything easier for everyone, NYSC anthem lyrics, audio and video have been composed and recorded. So, it’s now very easy to learn. It may not even take you over 40 minutes to master the three (3) stanzas.

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It is mandatory for every Corps Member to recite the anthem in every official gathering of Corps members.

The NYSC anthem has 3 stanzas. If you are a Corps member or prospective corps member, try to know how to recite the NYSC anthem from Stanza one to Stanza three.

The implication of not knowing the anthem

It will not be funny if you don’t know how to recite the anthem and enter NYSC camp, the embarrassment can be more that what you’d ever expected.

Soldiers and NYSC officials always take it serious, especially in the NYSC Orientation Camp.

Most of the time when NYSC anthem is being recited, Soldiers will watch the movement of your mouths.

If soldiers notice that someone is not good at reciting the anthem, the person might be called out in front of everybody to recite it all alone. That can embarrass you.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want people to mock or make fun of you because of a simple thing like NYSC anthem.

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Now, let me first show you the lyrics of the NYSC anthem and video.

The NYSC Anthem


Youths obey the clarion call

Let us lift our nation high

Under the sun or in the rain

With dedication and selflessness

Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.


Members, take the great salute

Put the Nation first in all

With service and humility

NYSC for the noble youths

Make Nigeria a great nation.


Far and near we come to serve

And to build our fatherland

With oneness and loyalty

NYSC for unity

Hail Nigeria, our great nation.

Watch the video where Corps members recite the NYSC anthem lyrics, audio and video. It has subtitle to guide you.

  1. Motto of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

The NYSC Motto is “Service and Humility”

  1. The Pledge

Every member of the Service Corps (hereinafter referred to as “member”) shall subscribe to and sign a copy of the National pledge and NYSC pledge before the Chief Judge during Swearing in Ceremony at the orientation camp.

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Any member who fails or refuses to subscribe to and sign the National and the NYSC pledges shall be tried by the Camp Court and, if found guilty, be liable to be decamped and sent out of the orientation camp.

The member shall only be allowed to come back for service to join the next batch for the orientation exercise only if he is ready to subscribe to sign the pledges.

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