NYSC Green Card Not Available, and ‘No kit Size’ issues solved

Some Prospective Corps members (PCMs) are worried because their NYSC Green Card are not yet available for printing few days after registration. While some others who succeeded in printing their Green Cards cannot see ‘kit specification details’.

For example; kit size and other details will be missing from their green card.

Whatever the case might be, you are covered. Below are questions and answers/solutions that will help solve NYSC Green Card issues.

Why I can’t print my NYSC green card?

If you cannot print your green card, it’s probably because your call-up number is not yet ready. Sometimes, it takes time for call up number to be ready, and sometimes it takes no time. It depends on NYSC, so it is not your fault.
If your Green Card is taking time to be out, be patient. It means that NYSC is still processing it, and will surely be out soon.

How wrong does it take to get call-up number?

Call-up number works together with green card. If there is no call up number, there will be no green card, vice versa. However, you can get your call up number immediately after online registration and sometimes it takes time. So, you may get it immediately after registration, while another person might get it a couple of minutes, hours or even days after registration.

Why kit specification not showing on the Green Card?

This doesn’t matter at all, and it is not a problem. This should not bother you. Whether it shows or not, it is not your headache. NYSC is the one to give you kits in camp and they know how to do it. If you go to camp earlier, you will get your kit size but if you go late, be ready to take available sizes.

Meanwhile, if you get wrong kit size in camp, you can exchange with someone that gets your size.

Example; if you are ‘XL’ but you get ‘L’, you can exchange your kit with someone who’s ‘L’ but gets ‘XL’.

Should I sign my Green Card after printing it?

Yes, you need to sign with Biro in the space provided at the right bottom side of your Green Card. When you sign, write the date that you signed not the date you printed the Green Card. Sign your Green Card now as I’m watching you.

Nysc green card

My date of graduation is not correct or showing on my green card, what should I do?

This is not a problem for crying out loud. You submitted accurate detail to NYSC, so do not bother for what show or not show on your Green Card provided it is not a printer error.

I applied for name correction but it did not reflect on my green card, what should I do?

It usually take time for NYSC to approve applications on change of name. What you should do is to keep checking your dashboard, once they change the name then reprint your Green Card.

My class of result (grade) is not correct on my green card?

When you get to the NYSC Orientation Camp inform NYSC officials about it. But it is not a problem at all.

If you have additional questions that are not here, drop it in the comment section below so we can address it.

62 thoughts on “NYSC Green Card Not Available, and ‘No kit Size’ issues solved”

  1. I just registered for NYSC 2023 batch B
    I filled in the right information but priting my green card i saw that they year i entered school is showing 0 and the year I finished is showing 0 but the date of graduation is correct. Its just that from year and to year.pls is there any issue

  2. I was trying to rearrange my name on my dashboard with my phone,along the line my phone got hang,I was able to type only my surname name b4 it went off,what can I do?

  3. I have printed my call up letter but still finding it difficult to print my green card, it keeps saying Error in printing, am seriously wirried cause am supposed to report to camp on 11th

  4. I tried using my phone to download my green card & wen I press print slip,my details did not show, so I wasn’t able to download… please help

  5. Pls wanna ask a question , I used Femi in all my registration and I have a bank account with access bank and we were been told to open an account and I wrote oluwafemi on the form simply because I have an account before ….I wanna know if it won’t affect me during payment of allowance

    • What you wrote didn’t actually matter. Bank will import the name on your BVN. If they don’t that means you will have problem receiving your allawee

  6. Will I be allowed to sleep in cp with my baby if I haven’t yet completed my registration in case I arrive late?

  7. I’ve done the necessary payment on the NYSC registration portal and and I have my receipt but i’m still not able to print my green card….. The message im receiving is “you have to make payment”

    • Can i apply for misspell name and arrangements at the same time. And if am to reprint green card that bears my correct name will the call up no be afffected?

  8. Pls i made corrections on my course option and also my grade after i have printed my green card. Since then i can’t access my dasboard,it displays 403 error…..
    My question is, will i recieve my call-up letter and how will i access it?

  9. Pls i made correction on my course option and also my grade after i’ve printed my green card. Since then i have not been able to access my dashboard. It displays this 403 error ….
    Pls will i recieve my call-up letter and how will i access it?

  10. Please I did not include my sizes both for shoe and the rest and I have printed out my green card, please hope it won’t be a problem?

  11. What if I don’t have any problem with my school( have been cleared), and I don’t want to go for my service in batch A stream 2 or early batch; can i wait for any batch before the year runs out?

  12. I registered as married n I put down another address(my father home address) instead of my husband addres, pls will dat affect my deployment to where my husband reside?

  13. Please I have two questions.
    1. After my regularization, my course still hasn’t changed to the one I offered because I did change of course. Was told it won’t affect me being mobilized or going to camp. Pls how true is that
    2. This stream 2 Batch A. Is it that new graduation list will be uploaded or its only the remaining people that couldn’t make it with stream 1 that would be going?

  14. I do have a problem with my DOB waec in which I was asked to change the DOB in my dashboard but already I have printed my green card and it got to my understanding from waec office that it take months for DOB waec to change.
    My question is can I still be given a call up letter?

  15. Uh thanks for the above information but my issue is I was given admission by jamb into computer science buh my school gave petroleum engineering. Applied for rectification but still in process. Will this be a problem @camp?

  16. Thanks a lot for all ur posts.
    My day of birth is 29th but am seeing 30th on my green card(but d month and year are correct).I used my phone to enter my dashboard to effect d change but d place refused to open(if I clink it, it will not clink).
    What do I do?

  17. We submitted our school identity card when we went to collect our original certificate. Now I have the certificate. Do I need any 🆔 card during registration in Camp?

  18. I have done registration, have printed my green card, waiting for call up later, some thing just arrived that may not make me to show up in camp, Can I decided to not go to camp on the 10th of March and go with stream 11, if yes, what steps will I take if I want to go with stream 2

      • Pls my date of birth in my waec is different from my original date of birth and also Nysc are using waec date of birth.. Pls what will be the solution of my problem.

  19. Im married
    I applied for change of name.
    Maiden name= william,Joy Effiong
    New Name changed to= Edet Joy Daniel.
    Once i registered married and put in my hubbys name it atomatically changed only my surname. Making it Edet Joy Effiong, dis does not corespind with my nnewsapaper canfe of name. It should b Edet Joy Daniel not Edet Joy Effiong. What should i do

  20. I applied for addition of name because my name was shortened and I do use three names eg Magdalene adamu Musa but Magdalene was omitted during jamb regularization and the student affairs division have worked on it but the registrar is yet to sign and I’m nervous of going to camp with half name so what can I do? Will I be allowed to register in camp pending when my school uploads the added name to the Nysc website? I’m tensed.pls help. I’m from taraba state University


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