How does NYSC Call-up Number look like?

In this article, I am going to show you exactly how the the NYSC Call-up Number look like. This is important because many Prospective Corps Members (PCM) do not really know how the NYSC Call-up number look like, and few of them that know, do not actually know what it means or stand for. Don’t worry, by the time you are through reading this article, you’ll get to know all that is knowable as regards to the NYSC Call-up Number.

What is Call-up Number?

The NYSC Call-up number is a unique number that NYSC assign to every Prospective Corps Member after online registration. Two person can share the same name but cannot share the same Call-up letter.

NYSC uses your Call-up number to identify you; it also tells the NYSC management the school you graduated, the year you are mobilized etc. Just like your school Matriculation number that shows your department, year admitted and serial number.

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As far as NYSC is concern, your Call-up number is your real you, the number cannot be mistaken, stolen or lost. It will be sent to your mobile phone after you have completed your online registration. Also, your Green-Card and Call-up letter will carry the number.

During my time, here is My Call-up number: NYSC/NAU/2016/044112

Now, let’s break it down

NYSC: is National Youth Service Corps

NAU: this is the short form of writing the name of the school I graduated from which is Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

2016: this is the year I registered for NYSC

044112: This is my unique serial number.

As you can see *NYSC/NAU/2016/044112* gives a lot of information about me.

So, let me give you more information.

NYSC/IFE/2015/104112:- This person graduated from Obafemi Awollowo University, Ile-IFE. IFE is his OAU school code.

NYSC/UNN/2016/342154:– This guy graduated from University of Nigeria (UNN), and registered for NYSC in the year 2016.

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NYSC/NSU/2019/009508:- This person graduated from Nasarawa state university, and registered in 2019

NYSC/FCI/2017/222669:- This person graduated from Federal Coop Collage Ibadan, registered for NYSC in 2017.

Below are Green Cards that contain Call-up number:

Nysc call up number nysc call up number

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