10 Vital Things To Do Before Going for NYSC

In this article, we will discuss vital things to do before going for NYSC.

It’s always a privilege to graduate from tertiary Institution and it’s also a privilege to go for National Youth Service.

In fact, your education cannot be completed unless you go for NYSC or at least get the exemption letter.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was established by the Federal Govt of Nigeria to foster peace and unity in the country.

Therefore, it’s mandatory for every Nigerian graduate to go for one year National youth service programme.

If you’re preparing for NYSC, there are vital things to do.

10 Vital Things to do Before Going for NYSC

1. Sign up for NYSC

To sign up for NYSC, go to the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school.

When you get there, tell them you want to submit your details for NYSC mobilization or ask them the date you supposed to come for it.

Although, some Institutions automatically mobilized their graduates, but you still need to find out if your Institution want you to fill any mobilization form.

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2. Arrange your documents

Arrange your documents for NYSC mobilization. If any of the documents required for NYSC is missing from your file, NYSC will de-camp you.

So, begin now to arrange all the required documents. Make photocopies where necessary and then pack them in a transparent water resistance file. See list of all required documents for NYSC orientation camp.

3. Clear yourself from school

There is something called, ‘final clearance’ in schools, and it’s compulsory for every graduate to do.

There is no way you could go for NYSC if you still have ‘carry over’, owing school or have other issues with the school authority.

A completed final clearance shows that you don’t have any problem with your school.

4. Ensure your school mobilize you

This relates to what I said in number one above. I’m repeating it because of how important it is.

Mobilization for NYSC is done at the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school, go there and sign up for NYSC.

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5. Join NYSC school workshop

It can also be called NYSC talk show or whatever. That has gone a very long way in helping Prospective Corps Members.

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The NYSC talk comprise a group of Corps members, talking and educating Prospective Corps members about NYSC do’s and don’ts. You don’t really have to worry about this one because that is what we are doing at nyscinfo.com.

6. Verify your name on the JAMB matriculation List

This is vital, if your name is not on the matriculation list, it will bounce back to error list if your Institution upload it to the NYSC portal.

For information on how to check your name on the JAMB matriculation list, kindly click here.

7. Get your Final Year ID Ready

If you don’t have valid school ID card, you can request for a final year ID card from your Institution.

To get your Final year ID card, visit the Students Affair unit in your school. They might charge between N500 and N1000.

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NOTE: NYSC will not accept departments ID card in place of final year or school ID card.

8. Do JAMB Regularization

Do JAMB regularization if your admission is not direct from JAMB.

To know about JAMB Regularization kindly click here.

9. Verify your name on the Graduation List

It is important to check if your Institution include your name at all on the graduation list.

NYSC collect and store the list of Nigerians graduates on their data base.

Note: graduation list differs from Senate list. For more information on how to check your name on the graduation list, click here.

10. Verify your name on the NYSC Senate List

You might have heard about this one. Your Institution will uploads Senate list on the NYSC portal.

When NYSC receive the list, it becomes NYSC senate list. If your name is not found on the Senate list, you won’t be able to register for NYSC.

For more information about the NYSC senate list and how to verify your name, Click here.

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