NYSC Katsina Debunks Report of Reopening of Camp in Two Weeks

The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), Katsina state chapter has debunked report of reopening of orientation that is trending on social media.

The viral report quoted the NYSC Coordinator in Katsina, Alhaji Ahidjo Yahaya to have said the NYSC orientation camp would reopen in the next two weeks.

However, the NYSC Katsina State Public Relations Officer, Mr Obemeata Alex, in a statement issued to journalist stated that the Katsina state coordinator had been wrongly represented in the publication.

He said;

“Instead, the State Coordinator NYSC Katsina State, Alhaji Ahidjo Yahaya said the NYSC Authority in Abuja has directed the Coordinators Nationwide to use the next two weeks to liaise with their various State Governments to complete the ongoing renovation work of camp facilities.”

The statement added that;

“This is to have enough time to start preparations towards the reopening of the orientation camps as soon as directives are received from the Federal Government and in line with the NCDC guideline for COVID-19 pandemic.”

However, the state coordinator urged all prospective Corps Members to be following the official NYSC social media platforms for authentic and reliable information as there is no announcement as regards to the reopening of orientation camps for now.

Meanwhile, the Director-General of NYSC, Brg. Gen. Shauibu Ibrahim, stated that orientation camp will reopen as soon as they get green light from the Federal Government.

He said “if green light or go ahead is given, then they will resume”. That doesn’t mean they are resuming out rightly. It means the resumption is still under probability as they still have to wait for signal or go ahead order before they will resume which they are not sure of when it is coming or going to be.

He was also questioned by the female presenter on the questions Batch ‘A’ 2020 Stream 1 are asking if they will report to camp when NYSC resumes, and he replied ‘yes’, that they have not completed their orientation and as such, when NYSC resume they will have to go back to camp to complete it.

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