NYSC Posts 10 Corps Members to India

Ten members of the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) are scheduled to embark on a journey to the Republic of India today. This initiative is part of a Youth Exchange Programme meticulously organized by the Indian National Cadet Corps, celebrating India’s Independence Anniversary. Please, if you are a prospective Corps member, before you continue with this news, check your name of the NYSC senate list.

The annual event, which coincides with India’s Independence Anniversary, brings together young participants from diverse continents, including Europe, Asia, and Africa.

At the pre-departure briefing held at the Indian High Commission in Abuja, Brigadier General YD Ahmed, the NYSC Director General, expressed gratitude for the invitation to participate in the program. This marks the second occasion for Nigerian youths to engage in this enriching experience.

“We are deeply honored to receive this invitation, and we see it as another chance to showcase the capabilities of Nigerian youths. It also provides an opportunity to understand our socio-economic parallels and divergences with India,” stated Ahmed.

The Director General further emphasized the diverse nature of Nigeria and underscored the central role played by the NYSC in fostering national unity and development.

This exchange not only strengthens diplomatic ties but also highlights the potential for cross-cultural understanding and collaboration between the youth of Nigeria and India. The NYSC members participating in this program are expected to represent their country positively and contribute to the success of this international initiative.

Safe travels and a fruitful exchange experience to the NYSC Corps members on this exciting journey to India…Read more.

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