NYSC redeployment – how to successfully process & secure it

Nysc redeploymentJust as the title implies, how to successfully process NYSC redployment is a post that will teach A to Z on how you can process and successfully secure NYSC redeployment.

What is NYSC redeployment?

NYSC redeployment also known as relocation is the process of moving Corps members from the initial state posted to another state based on health, marital or security reasons.

Why do Corps members want redeployment?

It can be heartbreaking to recieve the NYSC Call-up letter, and all to find out that you have been posted to one state when you actually desire another state for reasons best known to you. Fortunately, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has given every Corps member the opportunity to ask for redeployment.

However, for whatever reason you may have to seek for redeployment, you need to make sure that you follow the right procedures, so that you can be successfully redployed.

Redeployment is real but NYSC will only redeploy you if you prove can to them that you really deserve it.

Acceptable reasons for redployment

Just because NYSC gives every Corps member the opportunity to ask/apply for redeployment does not mean they will approve every request for redeployment. Currently, redeployment is done on 3 basis viz;

1. Health reasons

2. Marital reasons

3. Security reasons

So, before you redployment application can be approved, it must be based on any three (3) reasons listed above.

Security Reasons

Security is restricted to only states prone terrorism or herdsmen attack such as Borno, Adamawa, Benue, Jos etc. So, if you are posted to a state that has security challanges, your redployment to another state is sure if you apply for it.

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Marital Reasons

This is restricted to only married women who wish to serve at the same place their husbands reside. To secure redeployment based on this reason you need to provide the following documents to convince NYSC that you are truly a married woman.

  • Marriage certificate
  • Newspaper change of Name
  • Husband’s ID card (International passport, Voters’ card or Driving licence)
  • Husband’s domicile letter
  • Utility bill
  • Wedding pictures

Health Reasons

This is restricted to only those that have particular ailments that need regular medical check-up by their Doctors. To successful secure redeployment based on this reason, you need to obtain a medical report from hospital stating the nature of your ailments.

Tips to secure a successful redployment

If you are applying for medical reasons, make sure you get a medical report from a general hospital or military clinic. NYSC won’t acknowledge medical reports gotten from private hospitals.

The medical reports are usually dated, so the older the date, the more serious NYSC officials will take it.

Note: If the report is dated few days after you have printed your Call-up letter, it would raise suspicion about your reason for redeployment. For example, if your Call-up letter is printed on 22nd March and your Medical report is being dated on 28th March. The officials will be like, “Omo see this badoo”…(lolz). Be smart, use your tongue to count your teeth!

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So, when you arrive at the NYSC camp, after completing you physical registration, move straight to the camp clinic with your medical report to begin the process.

NYSC is not going to relocate you to your state of origin, especially those applying based on security reasons. They would roughly post you to another state; Lagos and Abuja is NO go area because of congestion.

For those applying based on Marital reason, you will get exactly the town your husband reside.

Now, back to those that would be applying based on Health/Medical reason; you may not get your state of origin, but you would be posted very close to your home state.

Which illness does NYSC consider for redeployment on medical reasons

Just like we said before, it has to be any disease that needs close medical attention. Some people claim to have certain disease so as to be redeployed. But be very much awear that the information will go into your file for life. But if you don’t mind, claim wisely! Study the illness very well, and always be ready to fake it if accession calls for it. But, I don’t to fake it because the NYSC officials have been in the system for long, so they know how catch fakers.

The most common illnesses that people claim to have are manageable that is why they don’t get redeployment. For example, if you claim that you have Asthma, it is manageable and can be managed from any hospital, so the NYSC officials would simply post you near health care facility instead of redeploying you.

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My advice to you all is not to claim an illness that you don’t have because of redeployment, but if incase you don’t want to adhere to my advice, claim chronic ailment that is very difficult to diagnose and requires close monitoring by your doctor. Goodluck if you are not caught.

To my friends who have genuine health conditions, take along with you, your medications, hospital appointment cards and medical report from government hospital.

NYSC officials are not foolish

Some people think that NYSC officials are fools. When they are registration on-line, they entered genuine information, indicating that they don’t have any physical or health challenge, but later after being deployed to states that they don’t like, they will start claiming to have chronic illnesses. Before you would be redeployed, NYSC will go through the information which you submitted during on-line registration before they will determine if you would be redeployed. So, for those of you that still want to claim illnesses, you have to bear that in mind when filling the on-line registration form.

Finally, be a good citizen of Nigeria. DO NOT claim any illness and DO NOT pay anybody for posting or redeployment.

Updated: March 18, 2019 — 9:45 pm

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