NYSC says No Arrangement to Pay Corps members Minimum Wage Arrears


  • President Buhari signed minimum wage into law in April 2019.
  • Civil servants have been paid arrears, while Corps members are yet to be paid.
  • Former President Goodluck Jonathan paid corps members’ arrears in 2011.
  • There is no arrangement to pay Corps members’ arrears in 2020.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), through its social media platform, has said there is no arrangement to pay Corps members minimum wage arrears.

NYSC said this as a response to a question asked by a Corps member concerning the long anticipated minimum wage arrears.

Corps Member: “What is the arrangement between federal government and NYSC to pays us our arrears ie 19A and 19B etc. @NYSC”.

NYSC: “There is none”.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari signed N30,000 Minimum wage into law in April 2019. But the implementation did not start immediately, until January 2020. So, the fallout in workers allowance from the date minimum wage was signed into law to implementation date is arrears.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government had paid civil servants’ arrears, leaving corps members behind. Since then Corps members have been seeking for an explanation from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and Federal Government, asking why they were left out.

However, the NYSC DG has had clarified that there is no arrears for corps members” because Corps members are not civil servants but on national service, explaining that Corps members minimum wage was approved in January 2020 and implemented the same month which means there are no arrears for corps members, and no money was given to the scheme to pay any arrears.

But many corps members on social media did not accept the NYSC DG’s explanations, insisting that the DG should demand for corps members arrears from federal government.

Corps members who spoke with Nyscinfo.com recalled that the Administration of Former President Goodluck Jonathan paid Corps members arrears when the minimum wage was raised in 2011.

Also, some Corps members who gave reason why arrears should be paid to them, said they would use the money to start a small scale business which will in turn help the economy of Nigeria.

The Federal Government will spent up to N4.7billion to pay Corps members arrears. So, do you think the Federal Government should use the money to develop our country or pay Corps members? Drop your answer in the comment section below.

15 thoughts on “NYSC says No Arrangement to Pay Corps members Minimum Wage Arrears”

  1. Yes suppose to give them arrears because the implementation of minimum wages their include, and federal government have the funds to give them. And consider those who say their not civil service but their are in Constitution to serve their fathers land. If it’s service ie nysc is compulsory to pay their arrears is compulsory in this nation.

  2. Corps members arrears is very important. Why would this administration is not interested in corps members arrears but they are paying minimum wage to corps members, this is very confusing. Jonathan paid corps members arrears so I think the FG should go back to the drawing board.The Director General should work towards this issue since corps members are entitled to minimum wage.

  3. Federal government should pay the arrears to Corp members because they can use the money to start something reasonable, please,I sincerely urge the federal government to pay this money because they need it thanks.

  4. Corp members should be paid arrears because we re in entitled to it, people re said we re not a civin servant. Ok, agree we re note a civin servant why re we entitle to minimum wage????

  5. Hello fellow ex corpers I think we should protest for this arrears because honestly speaking this country is hard so this money will be very important for the youths

  6. The federal government should pay the arrears because it will be very important in the life’s of ex corpers who wants to start a small scale business… If president buhari wants to prove he’s a good president in this country h has to pay the arrears so as to help the Nigerian youth and economy… And that’s a fact

  7. Anytime I come across anything concerning NYSC arrears like this, it it it makes me hate this administration, because I didn’t expect such from it. Jonathan administration paid why Buhari’s can’t? Furthermore, how many the corp members are that their arrears will clock 4.7billion naira?

  8. Federal government should pay corps members arrears because they were entitled to it and at the same time the money can help them to starting small scale business which can give them slef independent and they can stand on their own without waiting for government work.

  9. Yes federal government should.
    Most of the passed out Corp members are now well broke, have learnt their lessons and thus the tendencies of better use of the money now than before. Moreover the arrears should be paid to address Injustice since this has been the tradition. Finally, paying the arrears will be one of the most effective way of bring about human capital development-one of the most vital aspect of development.


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