NYSC State Of Deployment Prediction For 2023 Batch, A,B and C

NYSC State Of Deployment Prediction. Gentlemen Prospective Corps Members (PCMs), it is time to predict/guess where NYSC will post you.

Right on this page, we will guess the State that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is likely to post you.

NYSC State Of Deployment Prediction

However, it’s not as if we are magicians, but based on experience, we will be able to predict your State of deployment.

So, if you can tell us, your state of origin, state of institution and the four (4) states which you selected during online registration, then we can predict your state of deployment.

This is more like a game. Only PCMs who have done online registration are eligible to participate in this NYSC State of deployment prediction.

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So, to keep you busy, we will be predicting the state that NYSC is likely to post you. See how to make NYSC post you to a state of your choice.

To enable us predict your state of deployment, drop the following details in the comment section;

  • Your State of Origin?
  • State of Institution?
  • Selected States? (arrange it beginning from first choice).


  • Your State of Origin: Enugu
  • State of Institution: Anambra
  • States selected during registration: Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Abia.

NOTE: This is a deductive guess and with about 80% accuracy. Please, don’t make decision based on our prediction. It is just for fun! See how to check NYSC posting online.

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Right now, go to the comment section below to drop your details as stated above. After dropping your details, check back to this page after some minutes for result. Thank you

663 thoughts on “NYSC State Of Deployment Prediction For 2023 Batch, A,B and C”

  1. State of origin: Niger state
    State of institution: Niger state
    States chosen: kano,osun,Adamawa, Enugu

  2. I don’t know how you did it but you were bloody right! I was posted to Edo just as you predicted. Thanks for the heads up boss.

  3. States of Origin:Anambra
    States of institution:Anambra
    States chosen during registration:Bauchi,Calabar,Ogun,kogi

  4. State of origin– Abia
    State of institution –Abia

    State choose-

  5. State of origin: Kogi
    State of institution: Niger

    States visited:
    Borno, Kogi, Gombe, Niger, Yobe, Ekiti

    States choosed:

  6. Kwara
    Zamfara and Ekiti state, because I registered when state were full, it was just this two state that display

  7. State of origin:edo state
    Intuition state:Edo state
    States selected:zamfara,Ondo,nassarrawa,egunu
    Pls help me with possible predictions,I have sent it like 3 times no responses yet

  8. State of origin _ imo state
    State of institution _ imo state
    State selected for deployment _ ogun state,kaduna state,benue state and akwaibom state.

  9. I only selected one state: Ekiti state because other state was not available. I’m from Imo and I schooled in the North. Will I be deployed to this state?

  10. State of Origin – Kwara State.
    State of Institution – Ogun State.
    States selected during registration – Katsina, Ekiti, Adamawa and Rivers.

  11. State of origin- oyo state
    State of institution- ogun state
    State selected during registration- kwara, bayelsa, Kano, enugu

  12. State of Origin: Akwa Ibom.
    State of Institution: Akwa Ibom.
    Place of Birth: Lagos.

    States of choice.
    Kano, Anambra, Plateau, Oyo.

  13. i need ur help,pls. in the uploaded list,my was mis spelt. that’s the name in the uploaded list is different from the one jamb has.

  14. State of origin :Delta
    State of institution :Ekiti
    States chosen:Anambra, Nassarawa, Jigawa and Oyo State

    What’s your prediction?

  15. Am unable to do the registration now what can I do? After I picked the states have been to the next thing is three(3) states was suggested for me Bourne, Yobe and Adamawa and is saying”no available slot” what can I do?

  16. State of Origin BORNO
    State of Institution BORNO
    First Choice Kaduna
    Second choice Oyo
    Third Choice Nasarawa
    Fourth Choice Cross River

  17. My state of origin is Taraba State
    My state of institution is Taraba.
    The states I choose are
    1. Kano
    2. Anambra
    3. Nasarawa
    4. Delta

  18. state of origin (Ondo)
    state of institution (Ogun)

    selected state of deployment

  19. State of origin: Oyo
    State of institution: Oyo

    First choice: Kano
    Second choice: Rivers
    Third choice: Borno
    Fourth choice: Imo

  20. State of Origin: Akwa Ibom State

    State of Institution: Akwa Ibom State university
    State Chose: Sokoto, Anambra, Ogun, Taraba

  21. State of origin: Anambra State.
    State of Institution: Abia State.

    State of choice: Nasarawa, Delta, Kano and Ogun.

    Where are my likely to be posted?