NYSC BVN Issue: This is what every PCM should do now

NYSC BVN Issue and how to rectify it before going to NYSC orientation camp.

This is to inform all the Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) that the names they have on their school documents should correspond to the name on their Bank Verification Number (BVN) for NYSC registration.

If the name on your school documents varies from what you have on BVN, you may have problem during registration at camp.

The problem will begin when you would want to open NYSC allowance account, which is mandatory to open in camp.

So, whether you are a foreign trained or locally trained graduate, make sure you sort it out before going to camp. I repeat ensure that the name on your BVN match or correspond to the name on your school documents.

This is necessary because in NYSC camp, every Corps member is mandated to open a new bank account for NYSC allowance.

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In the NYSC camp, a document that will serve as government identity will be given to you to open the account. The name on the document will be taken from your school document.

The Bank officials at NYSC camp will check if the name on the document correspond with your name on your BVN. Only if it corresponds that you will open NYSC allowance account.

Also, do not forget to go to camp with your BVN because it will be needed for that purpose.

Advice on NYSC BVN Issue

  1. Register for BVN before going to NYSC camp (if you have not registered before).

  2. Make sure the name on your BVN correspond to the name on your school or NYSC documents.

  3. Store your BVN on your phone for reference in case you forget it.

  4. Dail 5650# on the line linked to your bank account to retrieve your BVN (your will be charge about N20 for that service).

  5. Update your BVN information, if the name on your school documents is different from the one on your BVN.

  6. If you are not sure of what name is on your BVN, it is likely to be same with your ‘bank account name’, or go to your bank to find out.

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Updated: January 9, 2020 — 8:48 am

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  1. Pls my name is Odanogun ayodele Joshua well my account is Joshua ayodele Odanogun please what can I do to it

  2. Hi Pls I Av An Issue , Afta Openin D Bnk Acct In D Camp An Acct No Was Copied Out N Given To Me (wema Bnk), Due To D Quick Closing Of Camps, Acces Bnk Started Sendin Acct No To Entirely Everybdy In Camp But I Didnt Receive Any Act No , Now They Av Paid Allawee I Dint Receive Any Alert, D Acct I Was Given By Wema Bank Does Not Seem Active Cos D Phone No I Opened It With Is Not Registered, And Also The Name On My Documents Is Omai Churchill Omai But My Bvn Is Just Omai Churchill, Pls Do U Hav Any Insight On Wat To Do Cos Like This Allawee Neva Reach My Side Due To The Bank Acct Issue

    1. Go to the nearest branch of the bank

  3. Pls I opened an account in camp but I forgot my BVN but they told me to write my existing account they will retrieve it with my existing account but since then I have not receive sms

    1. Go to the branch of the bank to complain

  4. hello sir am a batch A Corp member I opened an account while on camp I was later called dt d BVN I gave was wrong b4 leaving d camp they asked me to dropped my normal account in which I did it was on Monday d bank I opened in camp sent me a message of my account number this very evening again I saw nysc of my state sending me messages dt I did not open an account while on camp dt I should drop my normal account with a number so am kind of confused pls what can I do?

    1. Drop your normal account with them.

  5. Someone told me I must get my ATM card from the particular state I did my camping when we were asked to open an account in camp of which I redeployed, else I wouldn’t be able to get my allowee. Pls how true is that because I won’t be able to travel far north just for ATM card

    1. No need to travel far north, just go to the branch of the bank nearest to you. They will request it transferred to them on your behalf but it will take one week or two weeks for you to get it. Or request for new ATM card from the branch that is closest to you (they will charge up to 1k)

  6. Hello, I am batch A 20 set, please I registered for the account opening but didn’t get my account number as at when I left camp due to the fact that camp was stopped halfway. How do I get the account number and hope it would not disturb my allawee for the month.

    1. To get your account number, go to branch of the bank you opened account with. It won’t stop your allowance if that is only thing that left for you.

  7. Ali Kabiru Muhammed

    Please sir the name on my school documents is Ali Kabiru Muhammed while the name on my bvn is Ali Kabiru Muhammad do I have to update my bvn

    1. Go and update your BVN. But it won’t affect you.

  8. My name in my school document is Kazeem Suleiman Muhammad while my bvn is kazem Suleiman Muhammad will I have issue during opening of account?

    1. No, you will use the name on your NYSC document to open account

  9. Please the name on my document is Afolabi Damilola Deborah and the name on my bvn is Afolabi Damilola D.

  10. Pls how about if the date of birth is different
    Between my accounts and the one is using to
    My school

    1. You have no problem provided that you graduated before 30

  11. the name on documents is egbunu ajuma hope while my bvn is egbunu ajuma

  12. Pls the name on my bank is odeyemi blessing lolade and ny result states odeyemi blessing l,pls what should I do?

  13. Ibrahim Abba mohammed

    Dear respondent,
    How about if there was error in the date of birth like in my sch credentials and birth certificate was 08/09/1994 while there was mistake in the National I’d card 09/08/1994.

  14. How can I change my date of birth with jamb

  15. When is the biometric clearance for batch C stream 1 for 2020?

  16. What if the name in your BVN is Adelowotan Ismail Oluwadamilare and the name the school publish to NYSC is Adelowotan Ismail.. how do I go about it? Pls help me out..

  17. In my school document, am bearing Adeleye oyindamola modupeoluwa but in my BVN am using just Adeleye oyindamola. Do I have to update it

  18. I went to bank for BVN update and they were saying I should bring news paper publication and court affidavit,,,,when am not yet married is there no other way they can change d name without those things

    1. Do what Bank tells you to do

      1. In my school document am using Lamidi jelialt but in my bvn am using Lamidi jelialt Adeola. What can I do?

  19. Updated my bvn how?

  20. My name on my BVN is Ukomadu Roseline Anaba while on my document what I have is Anaba Roseline Ukomadu. Is jx difference of arrangement. Am I good??

    1. Arrangement of Name does not really matters

  21. My bvn name is my husband’s name, though my father’s name is still attached but my school documents are carrying just my father’s name. What do I do because, I have my newspaper publication and affidavit.

  22. Sir actually i have a probleum on this issues becouse Iam using ALI MOHAMMED AHMED On my Bvn while i’m using ALI MOHAMMED on my school document but i have an affidavit of verificaton of name from court and also published a newspaper is these will also affect me

    1. Sir updating my BVN will lead to the creation of another problem why because I’m an Npower beneficiary and if i mistakenly change or update my BVN they will stop my stipend and this is a reason why i published a page on newspaper and got an affidavit of name from court

  23. Pls the name on my bvn and my acct details is different from my school document

  24. Please the date of birth on my bvn printout is different from the one on my documents. Is it a problem pls?

      1. What of date of birth that’s not correspond?…. But the name is the same

  25. Sir iam using three names on my Bvn i.e ALI MOHAMMED AHMED But the name that is on my school document is ALI MOHAMMED BUT i have already published and get an affidavit of verification of name from court for this issues will that also going to affect me?

  26. D Name on my bvn is MOGINI MATTHEW NKAWU, but the nysc officer mistakenly entered it as MOGINI MATTHEW NKANU. pls what is the way out?

    1. You can apply for correction of name during the NYSC online Registration

  27. I have a middle name in my school document but no middle name in my BVN,will that be a problem?

      1. I have another question
        My level n jamb result carries 3 names which one of them is a mistake,can I make changes during the online registration or I simple continue using the name?

  28. Hameed Lukman Oluwasheun

    please the name on my school document is Hammed Lukman Oluwasheun While the on on BVN is Ahmed Lukman Oluwasheun but it’s the same date of birth…… Please is their any issue on that sir

    1. Please, go and update your BVN

  29. What if you already have an existing bank account with those banks can you simply just give them your account number

    1. No, there is a procedure for opening NYSC allawee account

      1. The name on my bvn is monsuru alimat morenikeji why d name am using in skul is monsuru halimat ronke wat can I do

  30. Will there be any problem if my middle name on my BVN is misspell with the one on my school certificate.

    1. Yes, go and update your BVN

  31. Oyekanmi Anuoluwapo Damilare

    I have issues of name on my o’level and jamb I have 2 names on my o’level and I have 3 names on my jamb what can I do

    1. You can apply for correction of name during online registration

      1. If my name on my school documents and BVN is correct but is not been arranged in the same way will there be a problem

        1. There is no problem for name arrangement, however you can rearrange it during online registration

  32. please what if you are married and have already changed your BVN to your husband’s name?

    1. Married or not married, the name on your BVN should correspond to whatever name you have on your school documents

  33. please is this nysc loan that u are talking about real? If yes when can we apply for it?

  34. My signatures are different.. Will that be a problem for me?

  35. Esther Unwene Otungban

    My name on document is Unwene Esther Otungban, while on my BVN is Esther Unwene Otungban, will dat be a problem
    Is not arranged

    1. Arrangement of not is not a problem. But there is a need to rearrange it during online registration…

  36. School documents bear meribea Solomon, BVN bears meribea Solomon chidera.

    1. Please update your BVN

  37. How do one update his or her BVN please?

    1. Just go to your bank and tell them what you want

  38. what of if my bvn is Uguru Daniel and my documents is Uguru Nwopoke Daniel

    1. Kindly update your BVN

  39. Pls the date of birth in my BVN is 10/2/1994 while my jamb and school documents bears 9/2/1994 just want to know if is a problem

    1. It is not a problem

  40. Areola tobi Emmanuel

    My name is areola tobi Emmanuel but on my bvn is arinola tobi Emmanuel what should I do?

    1. Please go and update your BVN

  41. Abigail Woyengitari Peletiri

    Please what if you’re married and you change your name on the bank account and bvn but didn’t change it on your school documents, will it be a problem too?

    1. You don’t need to change the name on your BVN… Your name on BVN and school documents should match!

  42. Good afternoon sir, please I did a change of name, have a publication and is not the same with the I graduated with.

  43. What if you have “dupe ishola dada” as your bvn name and the one on your document is “dupe ishola makinde”

    1. It is a problem, go and update your bvn

  44. The name on my school documents are Ogbu Amara Stella while the one on my BVN is Ogbu Amarachi Stella..please will that affect me??

    1. It is a problem, go and update your BVN

  45. In a situation where some 1 operate with a bank when the BVN was not introduced.

  46. Sir, my name on school document is ogba Cornelius k. When they brought our school Senate list it was ogba Cornelius then I corrected it to be ogba Cornelius kosisochukwu while my bvn is ogba Cornelius now, will I update it as ogba Cornelius k. Or ogba Cornelius kosisochukwu.

    1. Please, update your BVN to ogba Cornelius kosisochukwu

  47. Sir my name on bank is ugwueze vivian onyebuchi but my name in my documents is ugwuezu vivian onyebuchi so can I swear affidavit for that.

    1. I can’t see difference from the two name you posted

  48. my name on jamb list is Zaccheaus Samuel Ayobami and on the BVN is Zaccheaus Samuel Henry, any problem

    1. It is a problem, go and update your bvn

  49. Ishekwene Oghenemudiakevwe

    The name on my Jamb matriculation list is Ishekwene Oghenemudiakevwe but in my school documents and bvn it was abbreviated as Ishekwene Mudiakevwe. Will it affect me in camp?

    1. Please, what name is on your JAMB admission letter?

      1. Ishekwene Oghenemudiakevwe

        The name on my jamb admission letter is Ishekwene Oghenemudiakevwe

  50. What about DOB?

  51. I changed only my surname on bvn not up to one month ago because I’m married, but I have newspaper change of name and marriage certificate that bears the same surname with my bvn surname, will there be any problem about that?

    1. Your name on your school documents must correspond with your name on the BVN. However you do it, make sure it correspond. You cannot bear two different names.

  52. My name on my school document is Unwene Esther Otungban, while my name on my BVN is Esther Unwene Otungban, will it affect me

    1. Arrangement of name is not always a problem.Click here to see how to rearrange your name.

  53. I want ask my name in my school document and my bvn is d same but not properly arranged will it affect me in camp

    1. Arrangement of name is not a problem, however you can Click here for name correction

  54. what if you change your surname before you do your documentation at school and the name on your voters card is different from the one on your school id card only surname is different what can I do about that

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