NYSC BVN Issue: This is what every PCM should do now

NYSC BVN Issue and how to rectify it before going to NYSC orientation camp.

This is to inform all the Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) that the names they have on their school documents should correspond to the name on their Bank Verification Number (BVN) for NYSC registration.

If the name on your school documents varies from what you have on BVN, you may have problem during registration at camp.

The problem will begin when you would want to open NYSC allowance account, which is mandatory to open in camp.

So, whether you are a foreign trained or locally trained graduate, make sure you sort it out before going to camp. I repeat ensure that the name on your BVN match or correspond to the name on your school documents.

This is necessary because in NYSC camp, every Corps member is mandated to open a new bank account for NYSC allowance.

In the NYSC camp, a document that will serve as government identity will be given to you to open the account. The name on the document will be taken from your school document.

The Bank officials at NYSC camp will check if the name on the document correspond with your name on your BVN. Only if it corresponds that you will open NYSC allowance account.

Also, do not forget to go to camp with your BVN because it will be needed for that purpose.

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Advice on NYSC BVN Issue

  1. Register for BVN before going to NYSC camp (if you have not registered before).

  2. Make sure the name on your BVN correspond to the name on your school or NYSC documents.

  3. Store your BVN on your phone for reference in case you forget it.

  4. Dail 5650# on the line linked to your bank account to retrieve your BVN (your will be charge about N20 for that service).

  5. Update your BVN information, if the name on your school documents is different from the one on your BVN.

  6. If you are not sure of what name is on your BVN, it is likely to be same with your ‘bank account name’, or go to your bank to find out.

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  1. Good evening sir…please I used a different state of origin for my nysc mandatory account

  2. Plz sir what if the name on my bvn is the same as the one on my statement of result but the one on my nysc call up letter is different due to change of name as a married woman,and I have open account with the bank in camp with the name on my call up letter,plz sir is there a problem because I have not receive the account number?

  3. The name in my jamb and school is Opurum Chioma Chinonyerem but in my bvn, it is Opurum Chinonyerem Chioma. What should I do?

  4. Please the name on my school documents is Ayanda omolayo but on bank name is Ayanda omolayo temitope please what should I do

  5. Adeyemi omoyemi tawakalitu

    Please sir ,the name on my bvn is Adeyemi omoyemi tawakalitu while the name on my school document is Adeyemi tawakalitu omoyemi, what should I do sir , but it is the same name sir

  6. Please what if the name on my school ID card is different from my school certificate, will there be problem during my NYSC

  7. I’m having issue with the Dob. The Dob on my bvn does not correspond with the one i registered with for Nysc. Hope it’s won’t affect my allowance?

    1. Please sir have you gotten a reply on this..I know someone that falls in this category too

    2. Pls the issue of DOB from ur BVN is thr any problem

  8. Oboo Christopher gabriel

    I got this information this evening that my account has been suspended contact your institution for rectification, what could be the problem sir.

    1. Kindly contact your institution to find out.

  9. Gud evening sir, plz the name on my bank BVN is kolawole olajumoke Rebecca while the one on my school document is kolawole olajumoke Tobiloba.pls what should I do?

    1. Depending on which one is wrong. If the one on BVN is wrong, go to your bank and update your BVN information. If the one with school is wrong, apply for change of name through your NYSC dashboard.

  10. Good afternoon sir, the name on my documents is Iliya christopher rishamah while the name on my Bvn is iliya Christopher i hope that will not be a problem

    1. Go to your bank to update your BVN

  11. Good morning, i just got assess to this information, i applied for change of name and it has not come out from my bank and they told me its gonna take time before it comes out and i may likely be in camp on Tuesday.. Can I resolve it after camp?

    1. Yes, when you get to camp explain to Bank Officials…

  12. Please what about date of birth in the bvn is different from the one in the school documents

    1. It doesn’t matter! During opening of allowance account the Date of Birth on your BVN is to be used.

      1. Musawakiliboya@gmail.com

        In my credentials I’m using four names Musa Ibrahim Wakili Boya. While on my bvn is Musa Wakili Boya.

        Should I also update my information

  13. Hello, good evening. Please on my Nysc credentials my name is written as Ejiga Samuel Micheal, on my bvn my name appears as Ejiga Samuel Arome Michael. Would it be a problem while opening an account in camp. I did a newspaper publication after graduation were my new name is Ejiga Samuel Arome Michael. Thanks.

  14. Pls my name is Odanogun ayodele Joshua well my account is Joshua ayodele Odanogun please what can I do to it

  15. Hi Pls I Av An Issue , Afta Openin D Bnk Acct In D Camp An Acct No Was Copied Out N Given To Me (wema Bnk), Due To D Quick Closing Of Camps, Acces Bnk Started Sendin Acct No To Entirely Everybdy In Camp But I Didnt Receive Any Act No , Now They Av Paid Allawee I Dint Receive Any Alert, D Acct I Was Given By Wema Bank Does Not Seem Active Cos D Phone No I Opened It With Is Not Registered, And Also The Name On My Documents Is Omai Churchill Omai But My Bvn Is Just Omai Churchill, Pls Do U Hav Any Insight On Wat To Do Cos Like This Allawee Neva Reach My Side Due To The Bank Acct Issue

    1. Go to the nearest branch of the bank

  16. Pls I opened an account in camp but I forgot my BVN but they told me to write my existing account they will retrieve it with my existing account but since then I have not receive sms

    1. Go to the branch of the bank to complain

  17. hello sir am a batch A Corp member I opened an account while on camp I was later called dt d BVN I gave was wrong b4 leaving d camp they asked me to dropped my normal account in which I did it was on Monday d bank I opened in camp sent me a message of my account number this very evening again I saw nysc of my state sending me messages dt I did not open an account while on camp dt I should drop my normal account with a number so am kind of confused pls what can I do?

    1. Drop your normal account with them.

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