NYSC WhatsApp Group 2024 Batch A

Are you a prospective or current NYSC member looking to connect with fellow corps members, share information, and stay updated throughout your service year? Joining an NYSC WhatsApp group can be a valuable resource. Keep reading to discover how you can join the NYSC Group Chat on WhatsApp.

NYSC WhatsApp group 2024 Batch ‘A’ is a community on the messaging platform WhatsApp specifically created for members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in various regions.

By becoming a member, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and information. Members actively share insights, tips, and advice on various aspects of the NYSC program, including orientation camp, primary assignment, community development service, and other essential areas.

The group admin regularly shares news, announcements, and important updates related to NYSC policies, deadlines, and events. Whether it’s the latest information on clearance processes or upcoming camp activities, you can rely on the group to provide real-time updates and help you stay ahead.

How to Join NYSC WhatsApp Groups 2024 Batch A

Here are steps to join NYSC WhatsApp Group:

1. Ensure that you have WhatsApp App installed on your Device.

2. Click on https://chat.whatsapp.com/Hj5UzhmDnK5EkQtEI6GLvR

3. You will be redirected to “Join Group” page.

4. Click “Join Group”.

NYSC Facebook Group and page

If you are on Facebook, you can as well follow NYSCinfo.

  • NYSC Information (It is a Facebook page, you can “Like” and “Follow” the page.
  • NYSC Batch A, B and C (this is the biggest NYSC group on Facebook. The group has over 300,000 members which comprises Prospective Corps members, Serving Corps member, ex corps members and some NYSC staff.


NYSC WhatsApp group is like a special chat space on WhatsApp just for people doing or about to do their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in different places. It’s where they share helpful information, tips, and updates about their service year. The group admin is in charge of sharing important news and updates, and being part of the group is not just about getting info but also a chance to share and make a difference.

25 thoughts on “NYSC WhatsApp Group 2024 Batch A”

  1. Hi Humphrey please I will like to discuss recruitment opportunities with you with regards to the telegraph group.pleass what is your contact number

  2. Adeleke Wasiu

    please can you add me to NYSC batch A 2020 WhatsApp? I click on the link but I was unable to join. I also need letter of acceptance to PPA please.

  3. Raji Farhiyya. F

    Good evening, please have done my registration but the payment is not showing and am unable to print my greencard since but they said i need to repay the money again but the questions is that can i print it now when i repay the money because the portal have benn closed.

  4. Hi please I have been trying to join the nysc WhatsApp to no avail please help me 2020 batch A. If possible add me to Benue state directly thanks

  5. Aderoju Rahmon Kolade

    I have my name misarranged on the Senate list from my school but well arranged on my statement of result and jamb admission letter,hope this isn’t going tobe any problem at camp?

      1. Bello medinat ronke

        Hi please I applied as a married and all my credentials contains my husband name and when I wanted to print my call up letter it rejected my surname which bear my husband name so I choose another namefrom his name so the call up letter name is different from what I have in my credentials . please hope I will not be reject in camp and what can I do?

  6. Oluwatoyin Ajayi

    I did the online payment in 2018 for nysc and I selected the States I wanted but I wasn’t given my call up number. I am able to login and I have tried to do revalidation now but I don’t know if I have to make another payment to do that? Kindly help

  7. I really need guide on this. I tried revalidation, on my dash board to complete my registration Due to incomplete registration last year batch C. And now have been unable to print my verification slip.

    What could been wrong

  8. Hello boss, you doing an amazing work. I really wants to know if its possible for me to serve. My school session of 2018/2019 is officially over on 18 of last month, a month before I will become 30 years old, which happen to be this December. The problem is am not sure whether our result will be release before 24 of December, the date i will exceed service age. The question now is, is it possible for my school to backdate our result to reflect the official date of 2019 since we are class of 2019, irrespective of when the result is released?

    1. Hello please help me out but i have try to select the four state now but is showing me that on available slot why

  9. Hello. I Hve already registered but i couldnt go for camp this 2019 batch c but hopefully i wil join the 2020 batch A next year when is batch A going please can i also join the whatsapp group chat

  10. Margaret Waapera

    Hello. Please, I don’t have admission letter and I am above 30. What will I do to register for NYSC with that condition?

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