Odudu Otu Wins Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12

After discovering the Chest containing the knowledge to the fabled Akolo’s secret brew, Odudu Otu, 22, has won the grand prize.

As the winner, he receives N50 million in prizes, including an SUV and a round-trip ticket to Dubai.

Furthermore, according to the organizers, he has become a role model for young Nigerians on the significance of seizing opportunities and making the most of them.

The Akwa Ibom native made it to the top four and was only confirmed to join the rest on the day of the revelation.

Otu didn’t make an appearance until the 14th job, and he did so in a low-key manner until the end of the program.

Otu, on the other hand, lacked Damola’s puzzle-solving abilities and Damilola’s tact. In fact, he seemed to accomplish just enough to avoid being evicted while staying put.

Over 20,000 Nigerians applied for the Gulder Ultimate Search regional selection process this season, with those who made the longlist being sent to the Sea School. At the end of the process, 20 candidates were selected, with 16 of them being verified.

When the participants initially arrived in the jungle, Toke Makinwa, the presenter, invited the wildcards to identify themselves and encouraged them to take advantage of the chance. Otu accomplished this by blending into the game and giving his all.

He belonged to the Iroko clan, which included Damola, Yankari, Esitima, Tobechukwu, and Gerald. Theirs was the most powerful clan in the Amorokin camp.

As a result, it appeared that Otu had escaped detection. Gerald was tipped as a likely winner based on his early performances on the program, however, he was one of the first to be evicted.

Esitima found three boomerangs and was one of the top seven finishers. Damola, a member of the same clan as Odudu, also advanced to the final.

Odudu Otu

However, Otu’s adventure in the Gulder Ultimate Search did not end there. He entered the jungle as a¬†wildcard, which some feel was a stroke of luck.

So Odudu, who appeared to have been eclipsed by presumably superior contenders, had a difficult day.

He, on the other hand, held his own throughout the solo duties, making sure to assist his teammates while also remaining in the game.

Source: Nyscinfo

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