Peter Okoye (Mr P): Family Life, Kids and Wife

The marriage of Peter Okoye (Mr P) of the defunct Psquare music brand to Lola Omotayo has been said to have shared some similarities with the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.Peter Okoye

These similarities emanated from the fact that, as it is extremely unusual of a white royal to get married to a black woman, especially one with no link to royalty, it is has also been muttered in some quarters, how it is somehow strange that their marriage is growing from strength to strength, despite the backlash it has suffered over their age disparities and cultures.

How Peter and Lola started

Friendship metamorphosing into a strong love could be a fairy-tale. Peter and Lola’s friendship cum marriage reminds us of this fact. Lola and Peter got to know each other in the line of duty, as she was the in charge of arranging shows for the then Psquare. Providence finally struck when Psquare’s manager reportedly gifted Lola a CD containing Psquare’s hit. From playing the CD, Lola developed likeness them, without envisaging she would later become a life partner to one of them.

After a long history of working relationship, Peter mustered courage and requested Lola’s phone number at a show in Enugu but Lola refused to oblige him, choosing rather to let Peter show if he truly wanted her number by asking him to find a way to get from someone else. Well, Peter went on the Ultimate Search and came out victorious. Finally in 2006, they started dating.

Their extravagant wedding

Peter and Lola finally tied the knot in a traditional wedding on the 17th of November 2013 at the Ark Event Centre, Lekki, Lagos, with an array of Nigeria’s biggest businessmen and his counterparts in the music and movie industry in attendance.

Are they still married?

While the marriage has survived a lot of challenges, it is still going strong.
Meanwhile, here are some of the issues that have raised eyebrows over their marriage:
Age Difference:

In spite of the Nigerian society’s displeasure with younger men getting hooked up in marriage to older women, the marriage of Peter and Lola has set a new standard that will open the way for more of such relationship to flourish. Lola is said to be seven years older than Peter and this resulted to a lot of fuss within and outside the family, yet the couple have remain stuck in love, living happily together.

Cultural difference

The marriage has had to contend with lots of criticisms over what critics deemed unacceptable, being that Lola is of the Yoruba ethnicity and her mother, a Russian woman, while Peter is an Igbo from Anambra state. Unfortunately for the critics, Peter has chosen to go with his heart and leave them to themselves.

Relationship between Peter and Paul’s wife

The relationship between Peter and Paul’s wife is said to be frosty, thanks to the unfortunate bad blood between the brothers. Why some have consistently blamed Lola for the brother’s parting of company, there hasn’t been any popular confrontation between the two women as has been witnessed on social media between Peter and Paul.

Did Peter and Lola have children?

Yes, they have two children. Cameron, their first son, was born on 14th September 2008 while Aliona, their daughter was on 22nd January 2013, five years later.

Source: Nyscinfo


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