10 Poorest States In Nigeria In 2022

Nigeria is a country with abundant mineral resources that is divided into 36 states. These states are supposed to be productive based on their natural resources, and they’re supposed to have a strong and honest administration that can manage those resources to generate cash. This article contains the list of Top 10 Poorest States in Nigeria.

In some states, however, the situation is reversed, with 70 percent of the population living in poverty. These poor states in Nigeria, on the other hand, become poor as a result of weak governance, misuse of state resources, or security concerns, as the case may be.

10 Poorest States in Nigeria

We compiled this list of the 10 poorest states in Nigeria 2021 based on data from the National Bureau of Statistics. We considered infrastructure development, the health of the economy, literacy levels, security, and governance.

The following is a list of Nigeria’s poorest states at the moment; these states will always rely on the federal government for practically everything, if not everything. They don’t have any other means of income.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, these are the comprehensive and accurate lists of Nigeria’s Top 10 Poorest States (NBS). As a result, FlashAcademy did not falsify this information because the source is still public.

1. Sokoto

Sokoto state is Nigeria’s poorest state, with an average poverty rate of 81.2 percent. Its hostile climate has turned it into a no-go zone, preventing outsiders and foreign investors from investing in the state. It is also the Caliphate’s seat.

2. Kastina

Located in the deepest section of Nigeria’s northern region, Kastina state is on the list of Nigeria’s poorest states since it has few or no stable investments or revenue-generating industries.

3. Adamawa

Adamawa state’s economy has been decimated as a result of its residents fleeing the state for safety reasons due to repeated attacks by Boko Haram militants. It has had a negative impact on the state, which now has a poverty rate of 74.2 percent.It is also the Caliphate’s seat.

4. Gombe

Gombe state, in the north-eastern portion of Nigeria, is experiencing its own security threats, with a damaged economy and a poverty rate of 73.2 percent.

5. Jigawa

A state in Nigeria’s northwestern region that is primarily populated by the Hausa/Fulani people. Jigawa state has a poverty rate of 72.1 percent due to low literacy and slow economic growth.

6. Plateau

Despite the fact that plateau state is one of Nigeria’s most populous states, it does have certain tourism attractions. It has also been ravaged by a long-running tribal conflict that has ravaged its economy by 71 percent.

7. Ebonyi

Unfortunately, due to poverty, illiteracy, and poor governance, this is the only state in the South-East that ranks among Nigeria’s top worst states, with a poverty rate of 70.6 percent.

8. Bauchi

Bauchi is one of the poorest states in the country, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. According to statistics, the majority of residents in this area lack basic necessities of life, and it is a war-torn place. The number of people that died as a result of insurgent attacks is staggering.

9. Kebbi

Kebbi is a state in Nigeria’s northwestern region. Birnin Kebbi is the capital. The state is also among the top ten states with the greatest poverty rate in the nation. It has a 72 percent approval rating.

10. Zamfara

The NBS has placed Zamfara as one of the poorest states in the country in 2021, with a poverty rate of 70.8 percent. Strife, sickness, and famine have a significant impact on the population of this state.


A lot has already been said about these states, from terrible government to incompetence, a lack of work that leads to unemployment and poverty, and so on. We’re curious as to how these afflicted states will fare in the future.

With a poverty rate of 37.9%, Niger is the state with the lowest poverty rate, followed by Osun with 37.9% and Ondo with 45.7 percent.

Both Bayelsa and Lagos have poverty rates of less than 50%, at 47 and 48.6%, respectively.

Source: Nyscinfo

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