8 Popular Jobs Nigerians Do Abroad To Make Money

As the unemployment rate in Nigeria worsening on a daily basis, many people in the country migrate to developed countries around the world for greener pastures. In this post, we will show you the 8 popular jobs most Nigerians do abroad to make money.

While some Nigerians travel abroad for academic purpose, a good number of them migrate for economic reasons. The question is, those that migrate to get job, what kind of jobs do they get in foreign countries?

Unfortunately, most of the jobs Nigerians do abroad are the ones they would deem beneath them in their home country. Although, some Nigerians that are extremely blessed with more dignifying jobs.

8 popular jobs Nigerians do abroad to make money

Below is the list of popular jobs Nigerians do abroad to make money;

1. Factory work

Most factory workers are Nigerians, or by extension Africans. They are assigned to do the grunt work involving heavy lifting to earn money.

2. Farming

Most of them will no accept to do farm work in Nigeria but when they go over there, farm work will become hot cake, and they will gladly do the work.

3. Taxi drivers

Over there, many Nigerians who are taxi drivers are University graduates. This is the same work they will be ashamed to do in their home country.

4. Mortuary assistants

Many Nigerians work in mortuaries to earn a living when they travel abroad.

5. Nursing

This is a got cake job in US. Even male are joining in the fray. They earn an average of $66,000 about N22 million annually. Senior nurses make around $97,000 (N35million). In some countries the earn less than $46,500 (N16million).

6. Information Communication Technology (ICT)

If you have knowledge of ICT, you will easily get a job abroad. It does not require certification as conventional jobs, Nigeria youths who do this work are well paid.

7. Teaching

A teaching job in colleges outside Nigeria is another way to job security being exploited. Many have been able to apply for a PhD and teach while they get it instead of paying tuition fees.

8. Yahoo (internet fraud)

This is illegal but many Nigerians still do it to make money abroad.

Source: Nyscinfo

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