How to Prepare for FG Job Exams (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Government employment has become the country’s lifelong opportunity occupations; people who work in various departments make a livelihood from them, and more people continue to apply for positions with the federal or state governments. However, most government occupations are challenging, while certain government positions are pleasurable. The federal government and state governments conduct several types of tests each year, depending on the employment department and post. This post will show you how to prepare for FG job exams.

Not every government job candidate could pass the exam as predicted. Most government job candidates approach their exam preparation in terms of the grades they will receive. In addition, we’ve included an article that will teach you how to prepare for government employment examinations. Continue reading to learn more.

What should you do to get ready for a government job Exams?

If having a government job is your ambition, then you must crack your dream and get picked for your desired position and department. To do so, you must understand all aspects of the government test preparation process, including the selection method, exam pattern, and curriculum. Read about ICPC Online Test Portal Link for 2021 Recruitment

How to Prepare for a Government Job Exams | Step-by-Step Instructions

Below are the step-by-Step Instructions to follow in order to stand a chance of landing a federal government job in Nigeria:

1. Understand the selection procedure

It is critical to understand the specifics of the federal job application procedure. This alone will aid applicants in their preparation. Candidates are recommended to learn the specifics of the stages of the department selection system and prepare tactics accordingly.

Physical/medical testing, main written exam, personal exam interview. These are phases in the government employment application process. To be considered for a government position, one must pass each step. For the major writing test, one must be academically solid and have a polished concept. With a personal interview, candidates should be self-assured and practise their abilities in front of the interviewer.

2. Recognize the exam format

To pass the test and be considered for a position in the government sector, a candidate must first study the exam pattern. See also ICPC Past Questions and Answers

As a result, the test format might change in a variety of ways or from one to the next. The applicant should be familiar with the various portions of the test. The prelims and main parts, the amount of questions to be answered, and the marking scheme of the test they are studying for are the most common sections.

3. Recognize the syllabus

Candidates should attempt to comprehend the curriculum. In that instance, after learning the test pattern well, the next stage is to comprehend the curriculum.

This allows aspirants to be aware of the most commonly asked questions in the test hall, ensuring that they are not surprised. Doing this on your own will help you become a better researcher and enhance your exam-taking skills. Prepare for FG Job.

4. Practice

This component may help you enhance your knowledge and keep you aware of how to respond to inquiries and improve your timing. However, taking online examinations requires you to use your critical thinking skills and your ability to work quickly in order to beat the clock. As a result, practising will improve your knowledge and capacity to think.


To summarise, all the methods described above may improve or direct your preparation for any online test, whether it is a government or private exam.

Consider a scenario in which you scored well on the written tests but not so well on the personal interview. I’m sure it’ll be a depressing and painful experience. As the case may be, the impact of a personal interview is critical. Prepare for FG Job.

No candidate wants or enjoys being in such a predicament. As a result, the candidate must take the personal interview carefully in order to avoid such tragedy. We hope that this post has provided you with some tips on how to prepare for government job interviews. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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