Proven Ways To Make High Sales On Twitter

If you are a business man or woman with access to a smartphone, you should have no reason to not sell in large quantity on twitter. This is the truth that we want you to know so you can grow your sales beyond the point at which they are at this stage.

Twitter has proven to be a great platform for social engagements and its popularity is soaring higher everyday as more people are signing up for new accounts. You can create Twitter Lists to monitor content from specific groups of people. Check out 4 best VPN to bypass Twitter ban in Nigeria.

What is Twitter List?

Twitter List is a curated group of twitter accounts that will show you streams of tweets from only the accounts you listed. Below are the 3 ways you can make high sales on twitter in 2021:

1. Existing Customers

You can use your existing customer list to keep a close watch on your existing customers to for opportunities to reply to, or like, their Tweets. This will help you keep your brand on their radar. By doing this, you constantly place your products in their memories. It is important that you ensure your interactions with them are meaningful and relevant, by engaging their Tweets only when you have something valuable to say.

2. Prospects

You must ensure that every newly identified prospective customer is added to the private list. Meanwhile, don’t engage with them with the same sense of familiarity as you do with existing customers. Rather, look out for requests for help or grievances about your competitors. That way, you can reply with a helpful comment which, undoubtedly, will trigger some interest in you for the help you have rendered.

3. Competitors

It is very important you add your competitors to your list. This will help you monitor and see what they are doing right or wrong. You can look out for ways to take advantage of the lapses shown by the wrong things they are doing by doing the opposite. Adding your competitors to private list lets you keep tabs on them without actually following them. This could help boost ideas for your own social selling efforts.


We hope that this helps you as you implement them. It is very important to always reach for your targets by being consistent in your pursuit for higher sales. Renew and maintain your energy and drive on a daily basis. Remember to share our articles on your various social media handles so others can read and benefit.

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