How To Easily Sell Your Products on Linkedin

LinkedIn, although not much popular like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, is a gem of a social media app that entrepreneurs and professionals continue to use to their advantage. For business individuals, LinkedIn provides a unique ground to make high sales as the users are mostly high earners. It is also a place where professionals connects to high-paying jobs around the world, in all industries. Here we will show you how to easily sell your products on Linkedin. Also check top digital marketing strategies for small businesses.

How to sell your products on linkedin

Below are the 3 tested and trusted ways you can sell your products and services on LinkedIn:

1. Build your credibility

Having good credibility could be worth more than gold. If you have a good relationship with your friends and acquaintances, you can ask them to endorse your products or recommend your business on LinkedIn. Such endorsements and recommendations can be posted on your profile, helping you with more instant credibility that would attracts new contacts.

As a brand, you should always share information and content from credible sources, and make sure to maintain a professional tone across all of your LinkedIn activity.

2. Extend Your Linkedin Network

You can use your LinkedIn account to extend your network by seeking out mutual connections with your existing contacts. This can be achieved in two ways:

  • Search feature: the search feature of LinkedIn is not different from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter’s and other social media platforms. Just you do on others, you can simply type on the search field, the relevant industry or people you intend to connect to.
  • LinkedIn Groups: you can also use the LinkedIn group feature by joining groups that are relevant to your business or the service you offer. Look out for groups that with regard to your industry to network with peers and prospects.

3. Use Linkedin Sales Mavigator

Sales navigator is LinkedIn’s professional social selling tool. It can help you target the right prospects with personalized communications and better understand your performance with in-depth analytics.


While a lot of businesses have made and are making million sales on LinkedIn, positive results will not happen overnight. You must be consistent and strategic as you deploy the three ways to sell your products on LinkedIn as highlighted above. The number thing to do if you want to achieve positive results is to be consistent in what you do. The beginning of a thing is known for always being challenging, but with courage and determination, the results expected will always come.

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