Reason You Should Not Miss Covid19 Loan Because of NEXIT

Are you an applicant of the Covid-19 loan, and NEXIT scheme? Have you being called to receive the Covid19 loan? If ‘yes’, then fear not, as we will enlighten you on how to go about it.

How to Apply for CBN NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan

Some persons (Exited Npower beneficiaries) successfully applied for the Covid-19 loan scheme, and also the Nexit Program loan scheme.

The both programs are loan schemes initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria, and due to the fact that a rumour has being on-going that anyone who must have benefited from any empowerment that is funded by CBN can never be selected for another, they have refused to claim the call by Covid19 loan program.

We advise anyone being called for the Covid19 loan scheme to accept the offer, and invest while its still possible for them to claim the benefit and invest wisely.

Unlike Npower program where beneficiaries are being paid stipends, the Nexit and Covid19 scheme is a loan scheme where each beneficiary is expected to pay back any given amount, with an additional amount known as interest.

It should be noted that skipping the Covid19 loan does not guarantee you a chance to benefit from the Nexit loan, so why not grab the opportunity by collecting the Covid19 loan.

No update has been given by Nexit team about the Rumour, so it shouldn’t be a thing to worry about as most applicants can end up benefitting from both programs.

Although, Nexit Program has a training session arranged for it’s beneficiaries aside the monetary aspect, but that doesn’t mean it’s more superior than the Covid19 loan scheme, as both of them were initiated for the purpose of assisting businesses of Nigerians.

Note: You can actually chose one of the both scheme, as long as the money given will be sufficient to promote your business and make good profit. Never have the thought that you won’t pay back, as all loans must be paid back after the agreed duration.

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