10 Things You Should Never Search On Google

Google is a web search engine developed by Google LLC. This search engine is used by many people to find information related to their search contents. In this article, we will show you ten (10) things you should never search on Google. Please, pay serious attention to number ten on the list.

The reason many people prefer using Google to other search engine is because it has developed algorithms to ensure that web search results are of high quality and consistent.

Aside Google search, there are many other popular web search engines such Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask.com, etc. So, if you are using Google or other web search engines, never search these things. You may like to see the difference between Email and Gmail.

Things you should never search on Google

Below is the list of things you should never search on Google;

1. Anything incriminating

Never search on google anything that could implicate you. Things like ‘how to bomb a place’, ‘how to kill a president’, ‘how to rob a bank’, how to hack FBI website, etc. When you search those things, your Internet Protocol (IP) address could be tracked to locate you. Things like this can get you into trouble, especially if you are in a high security alert country like Israel.

2. Personal information

Some people search their names to know if they can see it on Google search. It is pointless because Google do not have your personal information. Google houses information provided by third parties like Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, etc.

So, if you are not famous to make Wikipedia page, when searching your name, you may end up seeing similar names belonging to other people, or you could see your social media profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page will come up.

3. Symptoms

Don’t google about symptoms of a disease if you are ill. If you do, you may get results from Google associating the symptoms with HIV, cancer or other deadly diseases. This can grow your fear or cause depression.

4. Diseases you are suffering

Also, if you are ill, and Google about the disease you are suffering, the results, it could tell you certain percentage of people that die of the disease every year, this may cause pandemic in your life.

5. Skin conditions

Do not Google skin conditions because of unpleasant irritating images that are likely to pop up. It’s better you remain ignorant, and see your doctor.

6. Translations

This is because, the Google translation may not get the correct meaning. You could fail if you use it to write your assignment.

Igbo: anaghi agwa ochinti na agha esu (literarily): you don’t tell the deaf that there is war)
Google Translation: The government is not being told that war is over

Correct Translation: You don’t tell people what they supposed to know.

7. Pussy

Never Google this word if you are not ready to see women genit*l.

8. Your Bank Websites

It is not advisable to google your bank website unless you can identify the bank’s real URL when you see it. This is because scammers’ phishing website URL which look similar to your bank’s URL may also show up.

9. Customer care contact

It is not wise to google customer’s care contact number/email if you are a novice. There are fake business listings that can be found on web search results.

10. Medical Advice or treatment

If you are need medical help, see your doctor or go to the hospital. Don’t take online medical advice or drug prescriptions because something could go wrong.

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