Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) – What you should know!

Recharge and get paid (RAGP) – Just as the name implies, you get paid for recharging your mobile phone, as well as other advantages which will be set out in this very post.

Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) - What you should know!

Recharge and get paid (RAGP) is a telecommunication business firm, that can bring additional financial gain to anyone who is willing to get into the web business platform.

In RAGP, all you do is sell airtime to yourself and friends, subscribe for others, and get compensated with a particular percentage.

It works as a Virtual Top Up (VTU), with all benefits entering your registered e-wallet.
Most of the highest paid investment are going digital (mostly online), with massive population seeing it as the only beneficial resort, especially for the fact that there is no accessible job in the country.

Currently, there are several platforms that have same idea, and does same. But, our concern here is the RAGP platform which has been tested and found trustworthy by numerous Nigerians.

It will be nice if you have the fundamental understanding of any investment platform you wish to partake in, rather than just putting your time and resources into it, without knowing how genuine it is.

Ever since the platform RAGP was introduced, those who deem it necessary to give it a try has been making it big.

Some persons have even upgraded to a bigger plan/package among the six packages that the scheme has (i.e Basic package, Bronze package, Silver package, Gold package, Diamond package, and Platinum package).

Therefore, we decided to unveil all that the online business platform entails.

How recharge and get paid works

The RAGP platform is comparable to our banking applications, where you can easily top up your phone with airtime, pay for bills, and make other subscriptions (i.e TV subscription).

The only difference is that you get paid for doing so, thereby, making profits whenever a transaction is done successfully. Isn’t this wonderful? Sure, it is wonderful. Especially when you know you need nothing else, other than a working mobile phone to run the business.

It works in the following ways;

  1. Get to register under any of the six packages of RAGP, that ranges from five thousand naira (N5,000 — N50,000).

  2. From your VTU profile start selling airtime of all networks, paying bills, and subscribing for those who are willing to patronize you.

  3. Access your commission for every dealings done for yourself, and others on your RAGP e-wallet.

  4. Introduce others to RAGP and get a referral bonus, and also commission for each transaction they make.

  5. Transfer your earnings to your normal bank account anytime, any day, which is fast and reliable.

  6. Different advantages like automobile, cash prize, and trip abroad is included when a member gets to a particular point in the RAGP system.

How to register for Recharge and get paid (RAGP)

  1. Visit RAGP portal

  2. Create your account by filling the form that displays after opening the website.

  3. Enter a referral name if being referred by someone.

  4. Input your local bank details (i.e account number of your normal bank).

  5. Click on the “Register” button.

  6. Proceed to funding of your account either from your bank account directly, or from another member of RAGP e-wallet.

Instant Rewards as a Member of RAGP

As a full time member of RAGP, you get the subsequent instant benefits:

  • 20 percent bonus when done with your registration.
  • 20 percent bonus whenever you refer a friend.
  • 10 percent bonus for Data subscription.
  • 2 percent bonus for airtime recharge.
  • 10 percent bonus to 2 percent bonus, for referrals coming under people you referred.
  • Tripabroad.
  • Leadershipb

Note: RAGP is real, and extremely recognized by CAC, and NCC as a registered business firm.

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  1. If i want to transfer money for my recharge and get paid account (providus bank )it will not be going again what will i do to regain my account back.

  2. On registering in the rechargeandgetpaid platform, asking for referral id which I wasn’t referred by anyone . I was trying to skip and go on but the site insisted on the filling the referral I’d, what next?

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