Recovered Coronavirus Patients Are Testing Positive Again

Nyscinfo has been informed by the BBC news that recovered Coronavirus patients are testing positive again.

The Chinese health officials said that about 14% of people who had COVID-19 infection, but recovered and discharged from hospital have tested positive again.

Health officials said they’re still learning about the COVID-19 and how it operates in the human system.

However, the same case has been reported in Japan when a woman in her 40s who had recovered and tested negative for the virus, tested positive again after 3 weeks.

The authorities in both countries have pledged to continue tracking former patients, even after they’ve been discharged from hospital

It’s not known if the virus was re-contracted, or “bi-phasic” meaning it goes dormant for a period, and resurface again. It is also not known if, in this case, the patient can spread the virus during the second phase.

As you can see, there is much to learn about Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the management of is telling all Nigerians to stay at home because coronavirus is real. Maintain a regular hand wash and avoid touching your face with your hand.

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