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COVID-19: Will NYSC Pay Corps Members’ Allowance For March

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, will NYSC pay Corps members’ allowance for the month of March, 2020?

We have been receiving messages from Corps members who want to know if NYSC will pay them amidst coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria. We created this post to set the record straight. Just keep reading.

Will NYSC Pay Corps Members

Recall that the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Nigeria on February 27. The case involved an Italian who diagnosed with the disease in Lagos Nigeria.

However, NYSC rejected advice that it should postpone its orientation course scheduled to commence from 10th -30th March, 2020.

On 18th March (after spending just 8 days in camp), NYSC suspended its orientation course for fear of coronavirus. And on 19th March, NYSC suspended Corps members’ CDS meeting and monthly biometric clearance nationwide.

As the confirmed cases of COVID-19 keep rising, on 24th March, NYSC granted all corps members permission to travel to their various homes.

Now the question many people are asking is, “will NYSC pay Corps members’ allowance for the month of March, 2020?”

Our answer on whether Corps members will be paid allowance

Yes, Corps members will RECEIVE their allowance for the month of March, 2020. But for subsequent months, they might not be paid unless Coronavirus pandemic is over.

Why Corps members might not be paid for subsequent months is because the scheme has fixed duration of one year. Therefore, Corps members’ service to Nigeria is not permanent unlike civil servants.

Let’s take 2020 Batch A Stream 1 for example: If NYSC continue to pay while their service is on hold, and coronavirus last for one year.

It means, when coronavirus is over, NYSC will repeat the payment or discharge them or allow them to serve without no further payment.

Since NYSC members are not civil servants but on National service, it’s likely they will not receive allowance beyond March, 2020.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. Sk


    Bro i Serve in lagos and uptill now nysc neva still pay my alawee

  2. Ezekiel


    Sir,please I applied for relocation online and I want to cancel it ,how do I go about it please

  3. Janet


    Plz,for d 2020 batch A stream 1,are we still going back to camp to finish our inconclusive orientation?.

    • Yes, but that is only when Coronavirus is over

  4. Taiwo


    But Dy av started paying for March alawee so y didn’t dey pay us…..I mean 2020 batch a

  5. ZUBBY


    Pls I wasn’t able to submit my clearance form for the month of April like most Corp members did do to coro stuff..Hope it wouldn’t affect my biometrics..

  6. Zakariya


    Please sir, I made a relocation but i didn’t submit my relocation approval letter to the NYSC secretariat, and I have to do so within 21 days. And people are saying they are on holiday and I don’t know when are they coming back to work. Pls what should I do so that my letter would not be rejected as a result of lapse of time.

    • NYSC is not working now, wait until they resume

  7. David


    Pls Sir I Applied For Relocation Online Does That Work?

  8. Mariya Hamidu


    What of medical corp members serving at the hospital

  9. Sunday Olusegun Emmanuel


    Allowance will be paid, stop listening to this nonsense post, even the DG himself said, Allowance payment will not stop. Allowance payment continues.

  10. Aluko Nelson


    Mr Humphrey,please I wants to ask, what are the tangible reasons why it been speculated that NYSC wouldn’t pay this Batch Stream1 subsequent monthly allowance, cause we have been duly registered to serve and fully documented in our various PPAs. I see no reasons why it shouldn’t be paid undermining the pandemic epilepsy. That’s why as a frontier,I wanted to hear from you basic reasons why the FG/NYSC will not pay us. I understands that every money for each scheme has already be budgeted for, even all our expenses/ feeding in Camp has been made arrange for and we can likewise let them know that the money budgeted for us to feed was not use on us due to the sudden pandemic, so why should they even think of withholding our service money. Please am soliciting for quick response to this regard from you sir. Mr Humphrey. God bless you. Thanks.

    • The writer didn’t say you will not be paid. You will duly receive your March Allowance but if the service is put on hold for subsequent months because of Coronavirus, it is likely that your allowance will also be put on hold. Or if NYSC continue to pay, they will be counting it that your are service even while you are obeying stay at home order, so if Corona last for one year, you will be discharged without serving at all. But if your service and allowance are put on hold, after Corona everything will start as normal.

  11. ZUBBY


    Am yet to report to my PPA (batch A1), because of the fear of this virus..hope I wouldn’t be queried??

  12. Mudassiru Sa'idu


    I have reported to my ppa, and now relocated, so is it true that i must go back to my ppa for clearance.

  13. Kehinde


    I’m batch A Stream 1, the place I’m serving doesn’t have break and I’m continuing with my service, are you telling me they will not pay my allawee For the remaining months?

  14. Divine


    Will the monthly biometric hold for the month of March

  15. Azum nneoma sophia


    Pls sir what is the possibility of batch A stream12020 going back to camp?

    • No, probability because nobody knows what corona will do to Nigeria.

  16. Cornelius


    My question is will there be thump printing for April nd May
    Because we were asked nt to travel yet till we are done with clearance for April and May???
    So I want to know if there will be clearance

    • Who say so? NYSC has suspended CDS and clearance for further notice.

      • Immaculata


        If someone is absent for the submission of clearance letter for the month of April, following the directive of DG for every Corp member to travel home
        Will nysc withhold April allowee of that person and also extend the service year?

  17. Favour nk


    What will be d faith of those have paid house rent for one year …..will d landlords understand

  18. SEGUN michae


    If the nysc are not paid,Nigeria is trying to multiply covid 19.Thy can stop those that are yet to start their own til covid 19 leave

  19. Marvin


    They need to pay, how do they want all of them to stay and survive…the government should do the needful and be honest with themselves…..the leaders are there embezzling lots of money, then common 33k……haba Nigeria and it’s leaders….pay up

  20. Marvin


    Corp members should all be paid….the federal government shouldn’t be biased..the should pay up , corona virus shouldn’t be an excuse, Please Nigeria is bigger than that….

  21. Timzy


    I think they are talking in the rubbish. They are talking in the nonsense.

  22. Nwoke Favour


    I relocated pls will I still receive the march allawee?

  23. Muhammad Ibrahim


    Are we going to receive our match allowances or not. I want to be sure please.

    • Certainly, you will receive your March allowance, but for subsequent months, it is most likely you will not be paid unless Coronavirus is over by then.

      • Konglam


        For Serving Corp member Will their service year continue or be in a hold knowing that we are in the scheme already unlike batch A 2020.

      • Osagie Michael


        Mr Humphrey, you made mention that government will not pay in subsequent months. So how will one survive when we are not doing anything for now and 90% of corpers depend on monthly allowance for survival.

        • The same way your survived when you where in school

      • Mutiat


        If they’re not going to pay for the subsequent months does it mean we’ll not go to our PPA as well?

        • Yes, if FG implement a total lock down

    • Konglam


      For Serving Corp member Will their service year continue or be in a hold knowing that we are in the scheme already unlike batch A 2020.

  24. Adedoyin


    Will batch A stream1 2020 receive Alawee as well

  25. Ikpeama Prince Joseph


    I think the best for the federal government to do is to let go of the corps members service to Nigeria if they are no more ready to pay them an agreed no two ways about it so that they can go and look for means of survival because they won’t die on the course of service reason because as they are serving they WK t have the chances to go and look for other means of survival therefore the federal government should endeavor to fulfill their own path .tanks

    • They will be paid for March, but for subsequent I’m not sure of what will happen

  26. Abdullahi Mukhtar


    But I think the only way to survive stay at home policy is by paying nysc monthly allowance, This is because Corp members are at home without doing anything, nor their parents, but by paying them at least this Will reduce septer poverty, please I huge the government in charge to reconsider the Corp members since they are ready serve but what denied them is the country situation. So I rest my case

    • How would they pay you if banks are closed? And how would you withdraw since you are not allowed to go out? And from which market will you buy from?

  27. Bartholomew Rabo


    Okay if nysc will pay for the month of March,and Incase covid 19 continues why not the nysc should stop their services at the month of March and continue after the covid 19 case is over, then nysc should continue from the month they have stop their services in other to meet up to one year service.

    • That is exactly what they will do reason the DG granted all Corps members freedom to travel home.

  28. Micheal


    The above post is a fallacy. Take it from someone who knows more than you do. The best Nysc can do is pay us for the months remaining. It will be ludicrous on their part to forfeit that.

  29. Peejay


    Z not possible for federal government not to pay us our alawee cus d issue on ground z not our fault, n most of us left our work wen we were coming for service n now we can’t go back to d work again cus we r on hold with nysc, so our alawee should b payed accordingly.

  30. Ismail Mustapha


    I have been relocated to Abuja can I go and report my relocation letter in this covid 19 situation

    • No need for that. Stay at home bro.

      • Shola hussaini


        Some of us did not get our bank account number before we left d camp and der have not sent it to us till now.what will happen to us and how are we going to get payed pls????

        • Go to any branch of the bank that you opened account with

      • Mariya Hamidu


        What of medical corp members serving at the hospital

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