SabiMONI E-learning Platform: How To Register And Become CFLT

The SabiMoni e-learning platform provides financial education suited to those seeking to become Certified Financial Literacy Trainers (CFLTs) as well as consumers looking to enhance their financial well-being.

Today, financial literacy affects practically every part of our lives. Our understanding of how money works has a significant impact on the quality of our lives, whether we go to the market, debate our family budget, run our enterprises, or plan for retirement.

The SabiMONI was created by a team of specialists to help you improve your financial skills, knowledge, and attitude, and it is completely free. The SabiMONI e-learning platform is intended to provide free financial education to as many people as possible.


You can learn the following courses on the platform:

1. National Peer Group Educator Programme (NAPGEP): This programme leverages on the platform of the National Youth Services Corps (NYSC) to train selected Volunteer Corps Members (VCMs) on Financial Literacy in order to deliver financial education in rural communities and environs during their Community Development Service (CDS).

2. Certified Financial Literacy Trainer (CFLT): This programme is for individuals who _ are interested in becoming Certified Financial Literacy Trainers. A trainer certificate is given to an individual who has taken all the Financial Literacy Modules and Learning Methodology on the SabiMONI platform, obtained a mark of 60% and undergone an assessment session (physical/virtual) to demonstrate that he or she can teach and transfer the knowledge to others.

2. Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility (SANEF): The SANEF training aims to equip its Agents with basic _ financial literacy knowledge to better serve their clients, improve their businesses and their level of financial literacy with the goal of promoting the uptake of financial services, especially at the grassroots.

How To Register

Interested persons should register via

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