Sabitech Unveils Education Paylater Scheme In Nigeria

In collaboration with Sterling Bank, Sabitech has launched Education Paylater scheme that enables candidates interested in taking the IELTS exam, PMP (training, exams, and certification), Agile, and Data Analysis trainings to do so whenever they want, regardless of their financial capacity at the time, by “paying small small” over time.

The cost of IELTS training and exam registration is N125, 000, which means that no candidate can have more than N125, 000 in their account. While the whole PMP certification package costs N400, 000 and is spread out across 8-12 months.

The candidates will be instructed by SabiTeach tutors who are highly qualified and accredited and have completed several training courses with a 95% success rate.

Sabitech CEO, Wale Ogunjobi, said “helping bridge the educational gap and offering value to people has always been at the core of what SabiTeach stands for, hence the reason why the Education Paylater plan was launched amongst other people-centred products available on SabiTeach.”

SabiTeach, whose business model revolves around helping tutors earn more money in their spare time while also providing learners with a platform to find highly qualified and vetted tutors for their educational needs, also offers other services such as device financing for tutors and financing teachers to obtain an international certificate, both of which are offered in collaboration with Sterling Bank.

Learn more about how to get started on the Educational Paylater plan, which is a terrific way to get closer to your goals.

Source: Nyscinfo

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