Sacked Npower Workers Issues 15-Day Deadline To Sadiya Farouk

Disgruntled workers who were disengaged from the Nigerian government’s NPower program have given Sadiya Farouk, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, a 15-day deadline to address their concerns.

Ex-NPower employees have vowed to stage another demonstration on November 10 if the minister refuses to meet with them.

The ultimatum was predicated on Farouk’s inability to pay their allowances, which she said she had started paying, according to a statement released by Jibril Yahaya on behalf of the volunteers and seen by Nyscinfo.

The Farouk’s ministry confirmed the start of the distribution of allowances in August 2021.

Only 200 people claimed to have received notifications across the country, according to the organization, which was unveiled in September.

If she does not react within the deadline, the NPower workers have threatened to take the protest to her office in Abuja.

See the statement below:

“Disengaged Npower beneficiaries to embark on another nationwide protest over Minister Sadiya’s failure to fulfil her numerous promises and continuous negligence of 500,000 exited beneficiaries.

“The disgruntled beneficiaries have given Minister of Humanitarian Affairs who is in charge of NPower Scheme, Sadiya Farouk, 15-day ultimatum to address their issues, between October 26 and November 9, 2021 or we will occupy her office by November 10.

“Recall that the minister had published in the newspapers that she paid all the affected beneficiaries their five months backlog of stipends which was false and deceit (to deceive Nigerians).

“Recall also that the minister had announced that her ministry would commence training of the exited Npower beneficiaries in October in furtherance to the implementation of the Nexit loan programme.

“Till date, no schedule has been released by the ministry in preparation for the said training as a prerequisite for disbursing the Nexit loan to the beneficiaries.

“Sadiya has played us enough, and we are tired of her tricks and deceit. We are mobilising for another nationwide protest. We will occupy her office comes November 10th, until exit package is implemented.”

Source: Nyscinfo

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