Sales Funnel For Small Businesses Explained

Sales funnel is a selling strategy designed to understand each step a person has to take in order to become a customer. In this article, you will learn about sales funnel, the different stages of sales funnel and how to build one for your business. This is explained below, with a simple yet robust analogy.

For instance; four people walk by your shop, but two people stopped by to check what you are selling, that’s the next sales funnel. Then a potential buyer detected some nice slippers and checked them out, that’s the next step of the funnel. Then this potential customer picks about three different slippers and pay, that’s the last stage of the funnel.

These stages work for all kinds of businesses. It may well be in a style of email, sales team, store, website, web page and consultation, etc.

Stages of a sales funnel

Below are the stages of sales funnel;


This is the stage where the attention of a prospect is captured. This could happen through Facebook, Instagram, Google search, WhatsApp, billboard or some other channel. Here, the prospect becomes conscious of your business and its offers. The prospect may and may not buy immediately, but he will certainly return.


This is the stage where a consumer is actively looking for information that will assist them in solving a need, making comparison and weighing some options. The quality of the content consumed by the prospect on your website will be the determinant factor in deciding about your business.


Here, having considered many options, the prospect is now ready to buy. This is when you need to deploy your business strategy by making your best offer, which could make payment on delivery, free shipping, and a 20% discount for first-time customers.


This is the final stage of the sales funnel. Here, the customer has finally bought your products and yes! As a result, your focus should be to retain the customer. Ensure you appreciate your customer irrespective of the quantity of the products the customer bought.

Significance of a Sales Funnel

When a prospect visits but made no purchase, you can revisit your sales funnel to seek what stage the client drops and why the client never bought from your brand.

The sales funnel offers you a valuable framework through that you’ll analyze your business and establish areas for improvement.

It will facilitate your business to grow and generate a lot of sales if you master the art of the sales funnel well. The entire essence is to convert prospects into customers and customers into returning customers.

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