Satellite Free-To-Air Channels In Nigeria & Frequencies

If you reside in Nigeria, you are well aware of the importance put on satellite entertainment and cable television.

People, satellite firms, and franchises seeking a large market have found fertile ground in the world’s most populous black nation.

Nigerians undoubtedly adore entertainment, as seen by the continuous popularity of prominent TV satellites such as DSTV, Strong, GO TV, Star Times, and HiTV.

Most of these major cable networks and others, as predicted, need consumers to subscribe in order to fully utilize their services.

While this is normal for most cable networks, most cable network subscription costs are on the high side.

Only the wealthiest Nigerians are usually able to afford the demands of constant monthly subscription rates.

The other Nigerians are typically left to their destiny and can only watch excellent channels when they have time to recharge.

Fortunately, there are no subscription-based TV satellites accessible in Nigeria.

And, certainly, they continue to provide excellent programming.

The only problem is that most Nigerians are unaware that these channels exist and that their frequencies are operational throughout the country.

This post, on the other hand, will lift the curtain and disclose how Nigerian entertainment fans may get excellent and pleasant material for free.

Readers should be aware that the majority of these frequencies are not owned by Nigerians but are available to Nigerians nonetheless.

Channels that are available for free and their respective frequencies

Below is the list of free-to-air channels and their frequencies


This is one of the accessible free-to-air channels in Nigeria that provides viewers with quality television services.

The Astra 2F was debuted in September 2012 and has a reputation for providing high-quality television programming.

As previously stated, it is a free-to-air digital television satellite with a 100 cm dish that is normally placed at 28.4° East.

The AFN satellite is a government-owned television network created with the express purpose of presenting high-relevance programming to US residents. The American Forces Network (AFN) is a television network that broadcasts and offers information to individuals who are not stationed close by, i.e. those stationed overseas.

The television, which was first broadcast on May 26, 1946, has a frequency of 11804 and is normally positioned at a 9-degree angle.


This is a digital television network system that delivers information coverage across Europe and beyond, as the name indicates. The television network, which began broadcasting in 1977, is a free-to-air network that reaches a large number of households.

The Eutelsat 7° television network has a viewing frequency of 11599 with a 100 cm dish size.


Customers will find enough premium programming on this free-to-air television network to keep them entertained. Intelsat maintains the satellite, which was launched on August 2, 2012.

The digital satellite, which has a 60cm dish with a viewing frequency of 12633, is normally positioned at 68.5° East.

4. Hotbird 13°

Eutelsat owns and operates this free-to-air digital television satellite. Geostationary communications is provided via the television network. Another Eutelsat invention, the Hotbird, was created to give premium service to the general population.

The digital television network has a 300cm dish and is positioned 13 degrees east of the equator, with a tuning frequency of 11541. It comes with a dish.


This television network is operated by the Eutelsat company, which is situated in France.

Europe, Asia, Africa, and America are all connected by a digital network. It is a free-to-air television network with a tuning frequency of 12245 and is normally located 36° East.

6. Ses 4.8°

This is another another free-to-air digital telecommunications network.

It was first released on November 18, 2007.

The Ses 4.8° television network, with a 60cm dish, delivers excellent radio broadcasts and data to the general people throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe’s Eastern coast.

It has a viewing frequency of 12014 and is located at 4.8° East.

7. Europe’s CCTV

China Central Television is abbreviated as CCTV 4 Europe. It is a Chinese TV network that transmits free-to-air to the general population, with transmissions reaching outside Chinese borders.

Even in English, the network offers instructive, educational, and entertaining programming. The frequency of CCTV 4 Europe is 12034.


All of the frequencies of accessible free-to-air channels in Nigeria featured in this article are among the top subscription-free options available to Nigerians looking for entertainment.

Source: Nyscinfo

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