Scrap NYSC So We Can Get Jobs – Graduates Tell FG

Nigerian graduates who are equally Prospective Members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has asked the Federal Government to scrap NYSC scheme to enable them get a job.

This is because COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria affected their mobilization for the mandatory National service.

They lamented on how their inability to take part in the NYSC programme had denied them job opportunities.

Meanwhile, the NYSC orientation camps have been converted into COVID-19 isolation centres.

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However, the NYSC Director-General, Ibrahim Shuaibu, in an interview with Economic Confidential, said there is no plan to mobilize prospective corps members soon due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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Below is what prospective Corps members are saying:

“They can’t mobilize now because you’d have to be in camp and there are strict rules against the social gathering. Many graduates are thinking outside the box and no longer waiting for NYSC to decide their future.”

Another prospective Corps member said:

“The government needs to scrap the NYSC because it is a waste of time and if you are not engaged before NYSC, the result you are hoping for, you might not get it.”

Meanwhile, some other graduates advised government to allow them to serve in their current state of residence.

“I feel the government should just allow graduates to serve in the states where they studied or live. The government should also cancel the three weeks orientation camp as we do not know when the pandemic will be over.”

Also, some prospective corps members suggested that NYSC should mobilize them but ensure corps members adhere to safety guidelines including wearing of facemasks.

“I think the number of people expected at the camp should be reduced for social distancing purposes. If the numbers of people are halved, others will have to wait. “

Another said:

“We may also be required to go for testing before reporting to camps. Corp members would be required to wear masks always. Consequently, rigorous exercises may be reduced because of breathing problems that may arise.”

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7 thoughts on “Scrap NYSC So We Can Get Jobs – Graduates Tell FG”

  1. Emmanuel Simon Audu

    its a matter of fact that Nigeria as a country would have to live for some little more time with this virus, patient indeed is the key,but the gov. must act even in times as this,my opinion is the government would need to know that hoping to defeat corona virus and get back to old ways is impossible, with this been true then we need to start looking forward as to how we can develop a credible means of achieving the same if not a better aim as that of the initial purpose of instituting NYSC, the country needs to fit in to the coming phase of the world development I believe it would be great privilege if the government can seize the opportunity to best equip its citizens for the first time in forever to push the country in synch with the direction of the world,and help fix the country to a truly digital world, which won’t necessary require live camps, but virtual boothcamps after which all trainees would be sent to practice in their new field and should meet during the service for any other physical exercise considered necessary,,. I had took my time designing a plot around this if u are interested in knowing more pls contact me and I will gladly shear, I think Nigeria as a country should move forward, NYSC must move forward, growth has come to us all.

  2. To be sincere.
    It’s not easy for us…wait till the pandemic is over, when will it be over? Should we just sit at home and look?…..we can’t even get jobs in this situation, they feel we would live them after the pandemic.
    So they refuse to employ us…how do we cope?…. it’s not easy please.
    Still consider the people who are striving to take care of themselves and there families.
    Please you need to take an action for us, because it’s not easy.

  3. Ejima Iganya

    The truth is serving in your state of residence or the state you schooled will completely kill the joy/fun that comes with service and the opportunity to get to know one more state and to learn of their culture so my opinion is this:The NYSC officials should just post us straight to our PPA choosing from the four states we applied as there’s a rumour that schools will resume back in June and as we all know corpers are mostly posted to schools. Then after this pandemic is over and done with we can then go for orientation camp that’s if is still necessary otherwise we will just wait for our POP which if you ask me is way better than staying at home waiting for this pandemic to be over which nobody knows when is actually going to be over.

  4. Asemota Osaigbokan Margaret

    All being said, we are fighting for one thing, we cannot continue like this, it’s taking time and ourlives are being affected… Let’s do it in our state of residence to avoid stories that touch….thank you

  5. Halima Adam Muhammad

    Please how do I apply for relocation through my dashboard. I was relocated to Yobe state but I want to relocate back to my state of origin. Help me out please…

  6. Musa Munkaila

    I suggest that federal government should train Corps Members and let them go for sensitization among their locality instead of earning alaweee without going any where. Especially this batch A 2020.

  7. Ferdinand uchenna

    National service is a good one not for the alawee or saying that it’s a sure way to secure a job but for the experience both the good and the ugly parts.
    The Government should at this critical time as a matter of urgency suspend the compulsory use of NYSC certificate in getting a job, as it will allow those who are opportune to get a job to get it.

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