NYSC POP (Passing Out Parade) – What You Must Know

NYSC POP means Passing Out Parade of the National Youth Service Corps. It is a formal ceremony at the end of service year where successful Corps members are given their Certificates of National service.

Also, NYSC POP is that moment Corps members collect their Discharge Certificates, hand over their ID cards to NYSC, and seize to be corps members.

NYSC POP dress code

Below is how to dress on NYSC Passing Out Parade (POP) date:

Every passing out corps members must be on NYSC 6 over 7 kit, or 7 over 7 as the case maybe.

The break down is as follows;

1. Face cap

2. Crested vest

3. Khaki trouser

4. A pair of white Zebra-green striped socks

5. NYSC belt

6. A pair of jungle boots

7. Khaki shirt (optional)

The above items are what you should wear on that day. See: NYSC dress code for all activities.

What document do you need for NYSC POP?

Below are the documents that you will be required to submit on the POP day;

1. NYSC ID Card

You will need the NYSC ID card to identify yourself for the collection of Discharge Certificate. After, the card will be collected from you in exchange of your Certificate. So, without the NYSC ID Card, there will be no issuance of your Certificate.

In case you have misplaced your NYSC ID Card, see, how to replace a lost NYSC ID card.

2. Final Clearance

Every passing out corps member is expected to get a final clearance letter from their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Another important document for Clearance is the official statement of your NYSC allowance. You will have to go to the bank that opened your NYSC allawee account for the official bank statement, dully stamped.

Nysc pop
Passing out corps members displayed NYSC Certificates

The statement should start from the date that you begin your NYSC to the present date.

This always helps NYSC to fish out corps members who must have received double or multiple allowance at once, and did not return the money to NYSC.

3. Attestation letter

This letter will be given to you in your local government PPA. You will have to fill some blank spaces, and return it to NYSC.

How NYSC POP usually done

It starts in the morning around 8:30 am. All Corps members will converge in the venue, after matching, they will be addressed by the NYSC officials. After that, they will be called to collect their Certificates.

When it is your turn at the table, you will be asked to submit all the documents highlighted above. Your Certificate of national service will then be issued to you with a warm handshake from your LGI.

Important things to check before leaving the POP venue

Below are list of things you should check before leaving the POP venue;

1. Your NYSC Certificate

Make sure that you collect your certificate before leaving, because when you sign, it means that the official has given you your Certificate. If you come back later asking for it, they will say you have collected it, and show where you appended your signature.

2. Check information on your Certificate

You should carefully read the information on your Certificate to make sure that your name, date of birth, state code, etc. are properly written. If found a mistake, inform your LGI immediately.

3. Check for spelling error on your Certificate

Check every words on your NYSC Certificate to make sure they are well spelt. When you notice an error on your Certificate, inform your LGI so they can correct it.

NOTE: Do not laminate your NYSC Certificate immediately after collecting it. This is because it may be destroyed due to overheat in the laminating machine. Many people have lost their Certificates that way. So, it is always advisable to make a colored photocopy of it before laminating; that is if you must laminate. NYSC will not replace any lost Certificate instead they issue letter of confirmation. See how to replace lost NYSC Certificate for more information.

If you have any question as regards to NYSC POP, go to the comment section below. Please, remember to share this article.

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  1. Olayiwola olajumoke Victoria

    Please sir I have not submitted my redeploy letter due to covid 19, I don’t know whelther it has due date.should I go to the Secretariat now or after covid 19.thanks sir.

      1. Olayiwola olajumoke Victoria

        Thanks sir, I went there they didn’t collect it, and they told me come back after lock down, @NYSC Secretariat Oyo State Ibadan.

        Another question sir, when ever they reopen orientation camp for remaining two weeks, which camp should I report to after redeployed. Thanks sir.

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