How To Replace Lost NYSC ID Card (Identity Card)

NYSC ID Card is an official document that prove the identity of Corps members. So, in this article, I will show you how to replace missing, stolen, damaged or lost NYSC Identity (ID) card.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) provides an ID Card for every Corp member after registration in camp.

Corps members are expected to carry their identity cards at all times within and outside orientation camp.

Also, the NYSC Identity Card is one of the documents needed for collection of Discharge Certificates at completion of service year.

However, Corps members may lose their ID Cards for one reason or the other.

Many Corps members have lost their ID card as a result of carelessness. Also, since most thieves target lady’s handbags, and guys wallet, a Corps member may lose his ID card through this means.

How to get a new NYSC ID card

Every corps member will be given ID card at NYSC orientation camp.

There are two types of NYSC identity cards that are given to Corps members;

  1. NYSC Temporary ID Card: The first is the laminated “state code tag” given to Corps members at NYSC orientation camp.

  2. NYSC Permanent ID Card: This is a plastic identity card which NYSC issues to Corps members after some days in camp.

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How to replace lost nysc Id card

Corps members will use this ID Card throughout their service year. Every Corps member will submit this ID to NYSC for exchange of Discharge Certificate on Pass Out Parade day.

Now, let me show you how to replace lost NYSC ID Card.

How to replace NYSC State Code tag (temporary id card)

NYSC State Code tag or temporary id card will only be used by Corps members within the NYSC camp premises. However, if you loss your State code tag in NYSC Orientation camp, you need to replace it with another one.

If you fail to replace it, you may not be able to eat from camp canteen. Also, you may run into trouble when trying to get your permanent plastic ID card, or even forfeit your first NYSC allowance (N19,800).

To replace your missing State Code tag, go to the registration center in camp to explain how you lost your State tag.

NYSC will ask for your state code and other personal details. After a cross check, they will use black marker to write your state code on a white ID size paper. Also, at the bottom, the official in charge will append his signature.

How to replace a lost plastic NYSC Identity Card (permanent Id card)

If you lose the NYSC plastic ID Card, the process of replacing it is much more difficult than replacing State Code tag.

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There are two possible ways to replace lost plastic NYSC ID Card.

Offline Replacement

  • Get a police report from the nearest police station,
  • Take the police report to a magistrate court for a sworn affidavit,
  • Make photocopies of the police report and the sworn affidavit,
  • Write an application letter to the NYSC state coordinator explaining what happened and what you want,
  • Attach the police report and affidavit with the letter,
  • Give the documents to your Local government inspector (LGI),
  • Pay the required fee.

Your LGI will contact you when your new Id card is ready.

Online Replacement

You can also apply for replacement of ID card online.

  • Go to the NYSC online portal at,
  • Login to your dashboard with your email and password,
  • Click on “Replacement of ID card” link. This will take you to a new page where you can see your name, call up number and state code. A dialog box will open for you to explain what happened,
  • Type in your request and click the send request. This will open Remita page where you will make payment. You can pay online using your bank card or at any bank branch near you with your RRR,
  • Complete the payment,
  • Upload a police report and the sworn affidavit.

After that, a new plastic identity card will be sent to the local government area you are serving.

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