How to check your NYSC Relocation Status & how to print it out

After applying for NYSC relocation, next is to check your application approval status. In this article, I will show you how to check your NYSC relocation status and how to print out your relocation letter.

What is NYSC relocation?

NYSC relocation is the act of moving a corps member from one state to another for service based on marital, security and health reasons. Another name for NYSC relocation is redeployment.

For example, if Joseph was posted to Sokoto, NYSC can relocate Joseph to another state say Lagos where he is more convenient if he applied for it.

How many times can NYSC relocate a Corps member

As many times as possible, there is no specific number of times NYSC can relocate a Corps member. For example, NYSC can relocate a Corps member from Sokoto to Delta, from Delta to Anambra and from Anambra to Lagos.

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How to check your NYSC redeployment status

Below are step by step procedures to check your NYSC relocation status;

1. Go to NYSC portal at,

2. Log into your dashboard with your E-mail address and Password,

3. Once logged in, scroll down. You will see relocation icon,

4. Click on “Relocation” as shown below;

Nysc relocation icon

5. Once you clicked on “Relocation”, your relocation application status will be shown. You can scroll down to read your application status.

You will see something like “Pending…” if you have not been relocated. But if you are relocated, you will see Congratulation!!! Your Application has been approved…”

Now, the problem is, you cannot see the State where NYSC relocated you to except you pay the sum of 1000.00 naira for Relocation letter printing.

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How to print NYSC relocation letter

To print your relocation/redeployment letter, continue from step 6 below;

6. Click on the blue link “Click here to Pay and Print your Relocation Letter” on your dashboard,

7. Select payment option by clicking on the field. It will displays payment confirmation,

8. Under Remita Status, Click “Pay Now”,

9. Confirm your details,

10. Click “Proceed To Payment” button

11. Enter your ATM card details

12. Click “Pay NGN 1176” button.

You will be charged N1000 plus N176 commission.

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NYSC Relocation letter sample

Below is the sample of NYSC relocation letter;

Please, keep your printed payment slip safe. It would serve as evidence of payment in case matter arises.

Also, make photocopies of the printed relocation letter for future reference.

You can share your NYSC relocation experience in the comment section below

Updated: December 19, 2019 — 9:59 am


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  1. Good morning,pls,I’m relocating for the second time the lady that did it for me said they have worked on mine I should start checking my portal but it’s still the old state…is it suppose to show on my portal or I need to pay 1000 naira for printing first before I see the state I was posted to?

  2. Good morning,I applied for relocation from Plateau State and I got a message two weeks ago from Ogun state to come for my documentation….But my dashboard is showing error 403 …Please what can I do ?

  3. Hello Sir Humphrey, I did my relocation by March based on Health grounds and I’m yet to print my relocation letter, now it is saying I need to get clearance from the state coordinator before I’m able to print. Why? I’m really worried.

    1. Plz have you gotten to the root of the problem? Mine too is same issue

    2. Chukwumaeze Amaka Blessing

      Pls have you been able to retify yours,cause am having same issue

  4. I applied for relocation over 4 months but yet not approve. It still shown me is in processing. Pls what happened?

    1. If it is up to 4 months, then you should just forget about it. Processing…is also another way to say we have rejected your application.

  5. Good morning sir, I just got my relocation approval and its says I should get a clerance from my state coordinator before I can print. Will I have to see him

    1. Oluwaseyi Tanimowo

      Did you apply for the relocation based on health ground?

    2. Good morning.
      I also have same problem,have you gotten to the root of yours?

  6. Udezuligbo Blessing

    Hi, my name is Blessing. I applied for relocation from Zamfara state to Anambra state. Then, when i checked my relocation status, it was appproved and i have been relocated. But the link that supposed to show how to generate remita and make payment is no longer active. Sir, i could not print my relocation letter. Pls what should i do?

  7. Oluwaseyi Tanimowo

    Sir… My relocation has been approved but I can’t print my relocation letter online….it says I will have to get a clearance from my state coordinator…so what I’m actually confused about is that am I to get the clearance from my former state coordinator I was posted to in the first place or my relocated state coordinator?

  8. Please sir, I need help I applied for relocation which was approved I have also paid the #1000 but did not print out my relocation letter, now I was ask to get clearance from my state coordinator before I could print it out and where am staying currently is very far so please what do I do

  9. hi, my name is Blessing Jonathan, I was posted to Gombe state and relocated to Katsina state, and I have printed my relocation latter, but due to the issues of corona virus we were ask to stay calm, they will alert us on when the registration will commence, what would I do next?

    1. When Corona is over, go to the NYSC Secretariat in Katsina

  10. Please. I was able to print my relation letter after making payment. But I logged in few hours after and my dashboard is showing no relocation history. I don’t know what to do

    1. Since you have printed your relocation letter, why bordering yourself

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