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How To Check NYSC Relocation Status

NYSC relocation also known as redeployment is the act of transferring Corps members from the initial state of deployment to a different State based on marital, security and health reasons. After applying for NYSC relocation or redeployment, next is to check your application status. In this article, we will show you how to check your NYSC relocation status, and also how to print your relocation letter.

Illustration: if Joseph was posted to Sokoto but he doesn’t want to serve there, he can apply for relocation to officially ask NYSC to relocate him to another state that is more convenient to him.

How many times can NYSC relocate a Corps member

Relocation can be done as many times as possible. Therefore, there is no specific number of times a Corps member can be relocated. NYSC can relocate a Corps member from Sokoto to Delta, from Delta to Anambra, and from Anambra to Lagos.

How to check NYSC relocation status

If you applied for redeployment, follow the steps below to check your NYSC relocation status:

1) Go to the NYSC portal at

2) Login to your dashboard with your email address and Password.

3) Once logged in, locate the relocation icon.

4) Click on “Relocation” tab, as shown below.

Nysc relocation icon

Once clicked on “Relocation”, your relocation application status will be shown on the screen. You would see something like “Pending…” if you have not been relocated. But if you have been relocated, you will see Congratulation!!! Your Application has been approved…”

Now, the problem is, you cannot see the State where NYSC relocated you except you pay the sum of one thousand Naira N1,000 for Relocation Letter Printing.

How to print NYSC relocation letter

To print your relocation/redeployment letter, continue from step 4 above;

5) Click on this link, “Click here to Pay and Print your Relocation Letter” on your dashboard.

6) Select payment option by clicking on the field. It will displays payment confirmation.

7) Under Remita Status, Click “Pay Now”.

8) Confirm your details.

9) Click “Proceed To Payment” button.

10) Enter your ATM card details.

11) Click ‘Pay NGN 1176‘ button.

Note: You would be charged N1000, plus N176 remita’s commission.

NYSC Relocation letter sample

Below is the sample of NYSC relocation letter;

Please, keep your printed payment slip safe. It would serve as evidence of payment in case matter arises. Also, make photocopies of the printed relocation letter for future reference.

Kindly share your NYSC relocation experience in the comment section below.

Source: nyscinfo

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  1. Kenny


    Pleaee, am having same issue now
    How did you resolve it?
    I hope it doesn’t mean the relocation has been cancelled

  2. Folarin


    My relocation has been approved,and have make a payment, have also print out my relocation letter, but my dashboard is now showing no relacation record.what should i do?

  3. Daniel


    I applied for the second time. I saw the congratulatory message but i can’t pay and can’t print out my relocation letter. It said collect clearance from state coordinator. Help!!



    I applied for relocation a month ago but till now it keeps saying’your relocation is been processed’ Can I refresh the relocation process and then reapply again or what,please what do I do?

  5. Jennifer


    Good afternoon sir/ma, I am relocating for the second time and the man who did it said its been done and dat I should wait still this corp member in camp leaves but since on Monday d 8th of dis month they passed out from camp and yet I haven’t seen any confirmation of my relocation on my dashboard. Please dose mean I will have to pay d 1k first before I see it? Pls I’m really worried

    • Sabina


      Please I need help here
      I applied for relocation since 3rd of March 2022 and my dashboard Still saying being processing
      Please should I cancel it and apply again ?

  6. Blessing


    Good morning,pls,I’m relocating for the second time the lady that did it for me said they have worked on mine I should start checking my portal but it’s still the old state…is it suppose to show on my portal or I need to pay 1000 naira for printing first before I see the state I was posted to?

  7. Samuel Toba


    Good morning,I applied for relocation from Plateau State and I got a message two weeks ago from Ogun state to come for my documentation….But my dashboard is showing error 403 …Please what can I do ?

  8. Tolu Salami


    Hello Sir Humphrey, I did my relocation by March based on Health grounds and I’m yet to print my relocation letter, now it is saying I need to get clearance from the state coordinator before I’m able to print. Why? I’m really worried.

    • Mercy


      Plz have you gotten to the root of the problem? Mine too is same issue

    • Chukwumaeze Amaka Blessing


      Pls have you been able to retify yours,cause am having same issue

  9. Isah Abdullahi


    I applied for relocation over 4 months but yet not approve. It still shown me is in processing. Pls what happened?

    • If it is up to 4 months, then you should just forget about it. Processing…is also another way to say we have rejected your application.

  10. azeez felix


    Good morning sir, I just got my relocation approval and its says I should get a clerance from my state coordinator before I can print. Will I have to see him

    • Oluwaseyi Tanimowo


      Did you apply for the relocation based on health ground?

    • Mercy


      Good morning.
      I also have same problem,have you gotten to the root of yours?

  11. Udezuligbo Blessing


    Hi, my name is Blessing. I applied for relocation from Zamfara state to Anambra state. Then, when i checked my relocation status, it was appproved and i have been relocated. But the link that supposed to show how to generate remita and make payment is no longer active. Sir, i could not print my relocation letter. Pls what should i do?

  12. Oluwaseyi Tanimowo


    Sir… My relocation has been approved but I can’t print my relocation letter online….it says I will have to get a clearance from my state coordinator…so what I’m actually confused about is that am I to get the clearance from my former state coordinator I was posted to in the first place or my relocated state coordinator?



    Please sir, I need help I applied for relocation which was approved I have also paid the #1000 but did not print out my relocation letter, now I was ask to get clearance from my state coordinator before I could print it out and where am staying currently is very far so please what do I do

  14. Blessing Jonathan


    hi, my name is Blessing Jonathan, I was posted to Gombe state and relocated to Katsina state, and I have printed my relocation latter, but due to the issues of corona virus we were ask to stay calm, they will alert us on when the registration will commence, what would I do next?

    • When Corona is over, go to the NYSC Secretariat in Katsina

  15. Eben


    Please. I was able to print my relation letter after making payment. But I logged in few hours after and my dashboard is showing no relocation history. I don’t know what to do

    • Since you have printed your relocation letter, why bordering yourself

  16. Tori


    Hello, i applied for relocation in camp but when i login to my dashboard it shows a fresh relocation form to fill
    My friend had the same issue with me but her relocation status later changed to approved without filling out the form
    So am wondering if mine will still change or do i have any issues that is stopping mine from showing
    Or could it be network issues or ICT issues
    Am really worried because its taking long

  17. Yusuf


    Pls application has been writing procesed since 3 days. Can the relocation still show because I don’t understand again

  18. Silas


    Sir, if i don’t want the relocation again, wat am i going to do

  19. Silas


    Sir, wat are the procedures or the documents needed for the registration of relocated corps members?

    • Go to the NYSC Secretariat with the following;
      1. Relocation letter
      2. Other documents that you presented in camp.

  20. Chidera Loveleen


    I apply for relocation since last week Wednesday up till now I haven’t seen any approval,do I still have hope?

  21. Paul Andrew etim


    Are we still paying 1k for reprinting? And we are advised to report to our state of redeployment within 21days,can we still go there in this corona era

    • Stay at home, forget about NYSC for now

    • chisom love


      Please sir I can’t find the state I was posted to on my dashboard

  22. Chukwu Anthony Ogbonna


    I made payment for the printing of my relocation letter since yesterday and up till now it’s still pending, what might be the cause of it?

  23. Ishola


    An also experiencing it, what should we do ?

  24. Mary


    Plz I applied for relocation in camp but I wasn’t redployed but was given a posting letter to my PPA, I didn’t report and now I’ve been relocated, hope no effect

  25. Akanimo jumbo


    I want to know, is it possible to apply for online relocation but wen I checked it’s shows an empty form for application again and I have not gotten my approval uptill now. What should I do pls?

    • Yes, you can apply online. Just fill the form

  26. Blessing


    Please sir, if one is relocated to the state he/she doesn’t want, how can they apply for another possible relocation or redeployment?

    • You can apply online or by visiting NYSC Secretariat

  27. Bose


    Do we get PPA for relocation or we look for any local government of our choice?

    • NYSC will post you to PPA or they will ask you to find a PPA by your self.

  28. Iseoluwa Richard


    Please sir,how can i be deployed down to the state i wish to service

  29. Ukiwe kelechi


    How can I print my reposting letter. I can find it on my dashboard?

  30. Azubogu Felix


    I have been relocated but I can’t see where to make the payment. The link is not showing for payment.

  31. Debbie


    Please sir,I just printed my relocation letter what am I to do next?

    • Stay at home, when Coronavirus is over, report to where they redeployed you.

  32. shotayo olajumoke


    Pls sir, z it true relocation is still on till Monday corz av not seen mine

  33. Precious


    Please I’ve printed out my relocation letter and its saying registration is put on hold because of covid 19,so I don’t know if I should still report to my relocated state or wait for further information

  34. Elias Keren


    I apply for relocation to kaduna state base on health issuefrom Enugu but instead I check dis morning and was relocated to taraba state pls wat should I do

    • You can apply for relocation again

      • Shaibu Zuliat


        I want to relocate

      • Silas


        Sir, wat are the procedures or the documents needed for the registration of relocated corps members?

        • Your relocation letter, your NYSC Id card and other documents that they request in camp.

    • Dogari K Dwabeti


      Sir, my applications for redeployment was approved and I’ve already made the payment and up till now they couldn’t permit me to opens the Link to proceeds for printing, please what do you think is the way forward?

  35. Lydia


    I just made payment for relocation but it still hasn’t reflect pls wat should I do

  36. Oscar


    Pls I applied for relocation and it was successful so hw do I reject it and stay back in my previous state

  37. Kemi


    I ask for relocation in camp my friends are seeing their won today merch 23….they have been calling me to look at my won….on getting to see it,they are asking me to fill something like why do I want to relocation and what state…..why are they asking me to be filling something again….is it that they did not aspect it?

    • Just do as they say, they might have lost your details reason they are asking you.

  38. Bashir Kabiru Ahmad


    I’m already acceped in my ppa so I saw approve of relocation in my dashboard but I’m already documentation in my LGI can I stay in my present state without print the new relocation letter

  39. Presh


    Pls my dashboard is showing 403 error
    What should I do

  40. Cajetan


    Am yet to see or received PPA letter in my dashboard

  41. Cajetan


    I was given instance relocation but no letter issued to me but I sign official letter of relocation and status showing no relocation history.please advise me

  42. Abigail


    “No relocation record”, those it means there’s still hope to be relocate or I won’t get the relocation?

    • Be patient, NYSC has not approved your relocation.

  43. Debbie


    Please my relocation status is showing no relocation records and I wasn’t posted to any PPA what do I do please

  44. Princess


    I applied for relocation but it is yet to be out… Should I report to my PPA or wait for the relocation letter to be out??

  45. Philemon deborah


    What if someone’s own is showing no relocation record, what those it means plz I need your reply or advise

  46. Suleiman Mansur


    My question is I have been given a posting letter from camp, I went and do my report and documentation.
    And I also applied for the relocation in the camp, but it’s showing me record not found on my dashboard..
    What should I do please….?

    • Use the letter they gave you in camp. That is all you need

  47. Debbie


    Please sir my relocation is still showing “No relocation records” what do I do sir?

    • Did NYSC give you the letter in camp? If yes, that is all you need. If no, report to your PPA it means you have not been relocated.

      • Debbie


        I wasn’t given any letter in camp sir

  48. Emmavido


    I’ve been relocated to osun state from plateau state….
    so it showing me
    Congratulations! My relocation have been approved

    However, to print your relocation letter, yu have to get clearance from state coordinator….

    Please how will I go about it?

    • Go to the NYSC Secretariat, that is where to get State Coordinator

      • Adeyemi Adelana Kofoworola


        Pls I’m having this issue too
        Which of the nysc secretariat are we suppose to go

  49. Amah patience


    Pls I exeated From camp because of my baby,but I wasn’t relocating n now I have gone to d lga to do my documentation n they r asking me for my ppa letter n it wasn’t given to me from camp,what should I do now pls.

    • Go to the NYSC secretariat, they will give you your PPA letter

  50. goodness mercy


    My relocation icon is showing RECORD not found, what is the next thing

    • Be patient

      • Ladan Ibrahim Yahaya


        R we to report to our nysc State secretariat or until we print relocation letter?

        • Report to the NYSC secretariat in the new state you’ve been posted with the relocation letter
          NYSC gave you in camp. If you don’t have relocation letter, kindly report to your PPA.

      • Kabir


        My dashboard also showing no record found. I called my state coordinator yesterday and I was told that by Thursday or Friday their will release it

  51. Austin EKENE


    Good afternoon want to register for the NYSC but the age that is showing on my dashboard is different from the one I give please what will I do please

    • You can apply for date of birth correction during and after NYSC registration

  52. Oke iyabode


    Hello, I have applied for relocation.but my dashboard is showing no relocation record. Please what am I suppose to do?

    • Nwavulu Maureen


      Please I applied for relocation from NYSC official and up till now it is still showing me no relocation record and because I was relocating I didn’t go for documentation at the PPA I was assigned to, please I want to know if am safe or there are any implications attached.

      • Better go for your documentation

        • Ntiense


          I applied for instance relocation to anambra, ND i don’t have the letter of relocation to go ND show them pls how do do.

        • It means NYSC has not approved your relocation

  53. Olaide


    Pls i applly for redeployment to another state,and i can’t make payment to print out my redeployment letter and have been sent redeployment message .pls what should i do

  54. Shuaibu Musa dahiru


    I applied for relocation from ekiti state to nasarawa state,istead I was redeployed to plateau state.i went to Jos n finish my documentation,but on doing dat i was still relocated to nasarawa my problem is I can’t print my relocation letter bcos thr is no option of payment.please wat can I do

  55. Hassan Abubakar


    hello, I have applied for relocation both at the camp and nysc official, but my dashboard is showing no relocation record, what am I suppose to do.

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