How to Replace Lost NYSC Certificate without Stress

How to replace lost NYSC Certificate

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Certificate is as important as Degree or HND Certificate. In this article, you will learn how to replace lost NYSC Certificate.

NYSC Certificate is essential for getting a job in Nigeria. You can check out this article, ‘5 places in Nigeria you cannot work without NYSC Certificate‘.

Most organizations in Nigeria demand for NYSC Certificate before they offer you a job because it is required by law.

Interesting thing about the NYSC Certificate is that it also serves as prove that one is a true Nigerian graduate.

Types of NYSC Certificates

NYSC issues three (3) different types of Certificates to Nigerian graduates;

  1. Discharge Certificate: This type of certificate is given to those who completed one year National Youth Service programme.

  2. Exemption Letter: This is for to those who exceed 30 years. Also, for those who have served at least one year in Nigeria military or paramilitary. And physical challenge graduates who cannot participate in National Service programme.

  3. Exclusion Letter: Those that receive this type are mostly part-time graduates, graduates of College of Education and graduates of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). See, How to collect NYSC Exclusion Letter


How to Replace Lost NYSC Certificate

There are events such as fire accident, robbery, misplacement, and so on that could cause lose of NYSC certificate.

Therefore, in the case of loss of NYSC Certificate, take the following steps;

  1. Get a Police Report/Extract,

  2. Use the Police Report to get Court Affidavit,

  3. Collect Letter of Introduction from the State of Service (State you served),

  4. Where available, a copy of the lost Certificate,

  5. Write a letter of request (Address it to the NYSC DG)

  6. Take the documents mentioned above to the NYSC Headquarters.

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NOTE: It is the policy of the NYSC not to reprint lost or burnt Certificates. However, a letter of Confirmation is given instead.

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