Secret to getting high loan limit from lending apps

Often times, people who need high loan amount to settle some bills, complete a project or even start an entirely new one find it difficult to obtain a loan that goes beyond the limit set by mobile lending apps. For instance, you may need up to two million naira loan to offset a bill but may end up seeing that the limit amount offered by the mobile lending apps is way below the amount you required.

We are sure that coming to such a point can bring about disappointment but don’t worry because this article provides you with simple step-by-step process to follow, to be able to obtain any amount you want. See list of best mobile apps to get quick loan in Nigeria.

The following are the simple step-by-step process to follow:

1. Grant the apps access to your messages

A lot of mobile lenders ask permission to read your messages. As such, you need to grant these apps access to read your messages, especially the ones that are about your financial transactions. Note that these apps are not interested with your personal chats. They only want to look at your transactions and amounts you owe institutions.

2. Provide guarantors

It is highly important that you list on your family members as guarantors. This will give lenders confidence that should you abscond after you must have been given the loan, they can always get your family members. The closer you are to your guarantors, the easier it will be for them to advance your loan. List your spouse or parents as guarantors.

3. Let your pay date be 25th – 28th of the month

It is very likely that you will be asked about the time you get paid by your employer. And because most lenders anticipate that you may want to lie about your employer or salary, as some people are not truthful about pay date, choosing a pay date between 25th-28th shows you are most likely permanently employed.


Kindly note that processes of getting higher loan limits does not apply to Safaricom sponsored lending apps like Mshwari and KCB Mpesa. It does not include Timiza App which is offered by Absa Bank formerly Barclays Bank.

Also check the interest rates of some mobile loan apps in Nigeria.

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