Shortlisting Update On NJFP Next Stage

Did you apply or intend applying for the NJFP program? Are you eager to know the current stand regarding the shortlisting process of NJFP? If ‘yes’, then find the Shortlisting Update On NJFP Next Stage in this post as you read through.

Applicants of the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program (NJFP) have been eager to know when the next stage will be announced.

Well, this post was created to answer related questions asked by applicants regarding the program.

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program (NJFP) is an initiative introduced by the FG and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

As a youth empowerment partnership program, talented graduates will be connected with local jobs opportunity for them to explore.

While working, they’ll be opportune to acquire world class proactive knowledge and skills.

Having previous job experience doesn’t matter as long as the NJFP is concern.

Because the sole aim of the FG introducing this initiative is to ensure that there is availability of jobs for the youths.

Questions Relating To The Shortlisting Update On NJFP

1. Is the application for NJFP still ongoing?

Answer: The application portal is yet to be closed. However, the closing date was set to be on the 20th of October 2021.

2. When will the list of Shortlisted Candidates be released?

Answer: The list will be released soon due to the fact that the circle of the entire process is expected to be within twelve (12) weeks.

3. Will there by an exam before final shortlisting?

Answer: Definitely, there will be a compulsory aptitude test and assessments from the body before selecting the best and final candidates.

4. Is the NJFP job a permanent one?

Answer: It is an internship program meant to last for just a year (12 months).

5. What is the monthly allowance to be received by NJFP Beneficiaries?

Answer: The stimulated amount to be received on a monthly basis is one hundred thousand naira (N100,000).

6. What next after the Stipulated 12 Months has elapsed?

Answer: At the end of the program, any of these three (3) pathways will be chosen by beneficiaries;

a. Beneficiaries with high performing profile will be retained by host organization.

b. Those having entrepreneurial interest will be able to pursue reliable opportunities as they have gotten the necessary knowledge and skills to excel.

c. From the achievements, fellows can easily compete for job opportunities.

Also, be opportune to have automatic enrolment into the Jubilee Alumni Network, which will bring peer-to-peer connections.

Note: Only successful candidates will be contacted by NJFP regarding the next stage.

Kindly share this information with friends and relatives through other possible platforms.

Source: Nyscinfo

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